August 22, 2016 sunga-2

New Architectural Watercolors by Artist Sunga Park

Bangkok-based illustrator and graphic designer Sunga Park embraces the unpredictable nature of watercolors in her drippy depictions of architectural landmarks. In her extensive travels throughout Europe, Park stops to consider the finest details of Gothic cathedrals or the antennae-laden rooftops of residential streets in Croatia, but allows entire paintings to fade away into a wash […]

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August 10, 2016 1

Italian police cook elderly couple pasta after neighbours hear crying

‘Sometimes the loneliness melts into tears. Sometimes it’s like a summer storm. It comes suddenly and overtakes one,’ say the Rome police in a statement Four policemen cooked pasta for an elderly couple after theirloneliness and television news caused them such distress they were overheard crying. Eighty-four-year-old Jole and 94-year-old Michele told police that no one had visited them […]

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July 29, 2016 bookstore-theatre-el-ateneo-buenos-aires-designboom-01

19th century theatre converted into el ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires

‘el ateneo grand splendid’ in buenos aires opened in 1919 as a palatial theatre and has since been converted into a bookstore. originally designed by architects peró and torres armengol for empresario max glücksmann, it features expansive ceiling frescoes painted by italian artist nazareno orlandi, and caryatids sculpted by troiano troiani, resulting in a ecclesiastical […]

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