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Aqua Expeditions in the Amazone

The Amazon river might not sound like a luxury destination to many, but with Aqua Expeditions’ latest creation you may change your thinking. Peruvian Architect Jordi Puig created this luxe vacation spot on a 147 foot long boat that accommodates up to 32 guests plus the crew. This quaint Amazon River cruise has all of the same essentials of any other cruise ship, only on a smaller scale. There are lounges, a jacuzzi (outdoor), a gym and dining areas in addition to the outfitted guest rooms. Read more […]

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The performance of matter by Joao Abreu Valente

The expression ‘form follows function’ is no longer a representative statement in the production world. The shift has gone toward a more honest materialization of design thinking – in other words, the process. to that extent, Portuguese designer Joao Abreu Valente uses a liquid method of research to question the functional meaning of the process and to explore the idea of objects producing other objects. Via Design Boom His project ‘the performance of matter, approaches the Read more […]

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High Speed Liquid and Bubble Photographs by Heinz Maier

German photographer Heinz Maier says that he began taking photographs less than a year ago in late 2010. He claims to not know what direction he’s heading in just yet, right now he’s experimenting with macro photography, mostly insects, animals, and these delicate high speed water droplets. There are so many things happening here to make these photographs simply outstanding: the lighting, the colors, the occasional use of symmetry in the reflection of water, let alone the skill of knowing Read more […]

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HÔTEL AMERICANO, by Enrique Norten/TEN Arquitectos

Located on West 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, the Hôtel Americano sits on what is one of New York’s most active gallery streets by day and vibrant club scenes by night. The façade of the hotel directly reflects this dichotomy. The hotel floors are set back from the street behind a stainless steel mesh screen, with catwalks between.   This screen will create a much needed buffer between the street side hotel rooms and the all night activity of the bars and clubs below, Read more […]

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Depictions of hell by Jake and Dinos Chapman at the Hermitage

Jake and Dinos Chapman: end of fun the state Hermitage museum, st. Petersburg, Russia on now through January 13th, 2013 Young British artists Jake and Dinos chapman build highly elaborate iconoclastic installations and sculptures brought to life with caustic wit and confronting effervescence – their hellscape ‘end of fun’ currently being shown at the Hermitage museum in Russia. The artwork of the Chapman brothers tackle ideas surrounding contemporary politics, religion, myth and morality, Read more […]

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