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Architecture for Humanity could use a helping hand

We have just received this e-mail from Cameron Sinclair and we would like to share it with you. We believe its worth the effort. It will just take one moment of your time. Here is what Cameron says:   Dear friends, You area a collective of some of my closest supporters, advisors and colleagues. I am asking if you could take a few moments out of your day today to help us. Those who have visited our site or been on facebook will know we are one of 25 finalists in the American Giving Awards Read more […]

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Portraits on Maps

Illustrator Ed Fairburn‘s Maps series turns road and subway maps into interesting canvases for his ink and pencil portraits. The artist utilizes the multicolored, patterned surface of each map to serve as an eye-catching attribute that echoes the complex textures found in the human form. Fairburn says, “Emphasis is placed on the ‘fragmented’ texture of the skin, a process which has encouraged my work to evolve from its occupation of plain paper to the potential occupation of other, pre-fragmented Read more […]

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