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Architects want Obama to win

If architects ruled the States, Barack Obama would be re-elected president. A recent issue of Architect, the magazine of the American Institute of Architects, found that 59.5% of designers polled chose POTUS over Mitt Romney for this year’s presidential election. The poll was published alongside two editorial pieces by US journalists on why electing their favored candidate would appeal to the profession. Jamelle Bouie, who wrote about Obama, said architects would continue to benefit from Read more […]

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Shattered Glass Sculptures by Daniel Arsham

Cross-genre New York-based artist and set designer Daniel Arsham has expanded his eclectic scope of works with his latest sculptures made entirely from shattered glass. the pieces chiefly focus on depicting the human form – each one pensive, still and surreal an almost stoic quality contrasting the fragile associations connected with the artwork’s ingredients. The abstract body of work is homage to arsham’s mastery in medium, case in point of his prowess in merging form and material in a considered Read more […]

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Past in Colour by Sanna Dullaway

When you come across black and white photographs from the past, do you ever wonder what colors are meant to replace the varied shades of gray? Sweden-based artist Sanna Dullaway re-imagines photos from yesteryear in vibrant, realistic hues. The series features portraits of well-known people throughout history including Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Anne Frank, and a young Charlie Chaplin without his signature mustache. Dullaway’s color restoration project breathes Read more […]

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New Photorealistic Portraits Hand-Embroidered by Cayce Zavaglia

Stitch by stitch and color by color St. Louis based figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia utilizes her background as a painter to embroider excruciatingly detailed portraits that look almost like photographs. The process, which she refers to as a “renegade approach to embroidery”, begins with a photo-shoot consisting of 100-150 portraits from which she selects the best image and then moves to the canvas where she works with one ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen to create each piece which Read more […]

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Elements III by Konstantinos Stamatiou

A mineral deposit map, based on the distribution of metal deposits in the Yukon Territory, is rendered in three dimensions via silicon, beads, and acrylic paint. “Elements III” is part of the “Chart” series. “Charts” (2006 – 2009). Charts renders data into three dimensions, recasting the tabular numeric. Spilled across x-/y-axes—themselves pure visual—are schemata derived from real, functional graphs: the activity of an alternative energy company traded on the New York Stock Read more […]

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