Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Jim Kazanjian’s dystopian world

Jim Kazanjian’s work occupies a state of material transience: None of the images qualify as photographs, yet each piece is entirely photographic. Built upon the persuasive testimonies of hundreds of anonymous snapshots, his landscapes are completely fictitious constructions. By recomposing photographs (rather than shooting them), Kazanjian liberates himself from the fastidious burdens of representation. This freedom gives way to an uncanny space that is both familiar and foreign. I am Read more […]

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The rooms in Hi Matic hotel paris by Matali Crasset

‘HI MATIC hotel’, is Matali Crasset’s latest collaboration with Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet. Designed to offer visitors a new hotel typology, the project looks to establish new methods of interaction and an original experience for travelers. Distributed over five floors, the hotel houses 42 rooms of which there are numerous variations. Combining the aesthetics and ideologies of both an urban hotel and a country lodge, the rooms feature cabin-like modules which can be adapted to suit Read more […]

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