Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Horrible Christmas hooligans by Sebastian Reymers design

These ‘horrible holiday hooligans’ by Sebastian Reymers design are a set of trouble-making Christmas ornaments bring a bit of humor to the stress and seriousness of the holiday season. Handmade out of stiffened felt, metal and wood for the tools, the characters are seen armed with either an axe, saw, or match, as if they were to be causing some chaos.           Via Read more […]

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Holly living, by Zecc Architects

In the Netherlands there are hundreds of empty churches. Since 1970 more than 1000 churches are closed by church communities. More than 1/3 was demolished and half of the Catholic churches were thrown down. The coming years another 1000 churches will lose their original function. Fewer people go to church and the costs for conservation are no longer affordable. Fortunately, demolition is less common nowadays, partly because churches are often on the monuments list. Re-use is the only way to prevent Read more […]

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