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West 8: Guangzhou Huadi sustainable masterplan

West 8’s winning entry for the ‘Guangzhou Huadi masterplan’ capitalizes on the southern chinese history of horticultural fecundity to provide the city with a restorative and sustainable trajectory. As the delta land rapidly industrialized, land use scaled back the natural ecosystem of wetlands and created a scattered and severely polluted urban landscape. The proposal aims to create a balance between continuing urban development and zoned hydrology by rescaling land use and introducing ‘ecological Read more […]

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Rethink Athens competition winners announced

On 27 February it was announced at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens that OKRA in collaboration with Mixst urbanism and Wageningen University had won the prestigious competition ReThink Athens, reimagining a new city centre. The team is supported by the Greek Architects of Studio 75 and Werner Sobek Green Technologies. Onassis Foundation has signed a contract with OKRA in order that the OKRA team will develop their ideas in the forthcoming months into a plan that can be realised on the Read more […]

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The abstract work of Frederico Uribe

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe is extremely talented and have done some amazing pieces of work. He began his career as a painter and then evolved to using found objects and industrial items in his work, creating assemblages that deserve attention. In his Shoe Lace series, Federico created extraordinary paintings out of hundreds of colored shoelaces.   His Torso series is remarkable. Using screws, coins, keyboard keys, dominoes, padlocks, paperclips and more he Read more […]

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Zaha Hadid included in 2013 Power List of the 100 most powerful women in the UK

Compiled by BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, the Power List recognizes women who have the ‘greatest influence and ability to change the way we live our lives in the UK today’. Hadid is the only architect on this year’s list which ranks HM the Queen in first place and includes JK Rowling, Stella McCartney, Adele and Camila Batmanghelidjh. Check the other ones on BBC’s radio 4   Read more […]

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13 Ominous Photos of Haboobs (Dust Storms)

A haboob is a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world. They have been observed in the Sahara desert (typically Sudan, where they were named and described), as well as across the Arabian Peninsula, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid regions of Iraq. African haboobs result from the northward summer shift of the inter-tropical front into North Africa, bringing moisture from the Gulf of Guinea. Haboob Read more […]

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