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Summing up – Retrospective, at Medusa Gallery

Description: “Summing up” Retrospective (1979-2013) 23 May – 31 July 2013 The exhibition “Summing up” opened by Maria Demetriades on Thursday, May 23 at 8.00 pm. This year the Medusa Art Gallery celebrates its thirty-five years of operation. Amidst the quicksand of the Athenian centre, its hospitable premises remain a constant point of reference with invariably noteworthy selections and propositions and a recognisable style. It is these elements that Maria Demetriades, the Read more […]

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Mario Soria’s paintings

Mario Soria  is a painter of hyper-realistic portraits whose celebrity subjects have included Andy Warhol and Woody Allen. Beyond portraiture, he places his subjects in a hectic scene of sail boats, bees, pencils, miniature people, and umbrellas. The objects and their allocation are random, he says, but generally serve to replicate style of an I Spy book. In addition to these illustrated elements, some of his paintings are embellished for the sake of eccentricity with Lego Read more […]

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Decor, Photos of a City of Bread Decomposing Over 6 Months

  In the 2009 photo installation “Decor,” Swedish artist Johanna Mårtensson built a miniature city out of bread and then photographed it as it slowly decomposed over six months. According to Mårtensson, she was inspired to create the project after reading an article about how well the earth would do without humanity. For more on the installation, see Mårtensson’s project page for the 2012-2013 A’ Design Award and Competition—”Decor” was a winner in the Arts, Read more […]

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Adrere Amellal indigenous eco-hotel in Egypt by EQI

The Siwa oasis is located at the banks of the self-titled lake in Egypt around 50 km east of the Libyan border – a desert land of rock and sand that has been inhabited by various civilizations for over 10,000 years and still holds vestiges of evidence. The ancient Siwan houses, crumbling over years of abandon, have been restored and extended using traditional methods to create the ‘Adrere Amellal hotel’, an eco-lodge so sensitive to its environment it does not offer wifi, phone service, electricity, Read more […]

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The Beetle Sphere: An Actual 1953 VW Beetle Formed into a Perfect Sphere by Ichwan Noor

This month marked a significant milestone for one of the world’s most famed art fairs as China hosted Art Basel Hong Kong for the first time. With over half of the galleries exhibiting at the fair originating from Asia and Asia-Pacific, Art Basel shined a bright international light on hundreds of artists who were relatively unknown outside of their respective regions. One such artist was Jakatara-based sculptor Ichwan Noor with Mondecor Jakarta who arrived with this giant sculpture Read more […]

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