88 years of Olympic Games logo design

1924 – Paris, Summer Olympics

Here is a collection of different logos from Olympic Games, (winter and summer) as we have found over the net. The journey starts in 1924 and ends with the London Olympic Games logo design.

1932 Lace Placid (Winter Olympics)


1932 Los Angeles (Summer Olympics)


1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen (winter Olympics)



1936 Berlin (Summer Olympics)



1948 St. Moritz (winter Olympics)



1948 London (Summer Olympics)


1952 Oslo (Winter Olympics)



1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo (Winter Olympics)


1956 Melbourne (Summer Olympics)



1960 Squaw Valley (Winter Olympics)



1960 Rome (Summer Olympics)



1964 Innsbruck (Winter Olympics)



1964 Tokyo (Summer Olympics)



1968 Grenoble (Winter Olympics)


1968 Mexico (Summer Olympics)


1972 Sapporo (Winter Olympics)



1972 Munich (Summer Olympics)



1976 Innsbruck (Winter Olympics)


1976 Montreal (Summer Olympics)


1980 Lake Placid (Winter Olympics)


1980 Moscow (Summer Olympics)



1984 Sarajevo (Winter Olympics)



1984 Los Angeles (Summer Olympics)


1988 Calgary (Winter Olympics)


1988 Seoul (Summer Olympics)



1992 Albertville (Winter Olympics)


1992 Barcelona (Summer Olympics)


1994 Lillehammer (Winter Olympics)


1996 Atlanta (Summer Olympics)


1998 Nagano (Winter Olympics)


2000 Sydney (Summer Olympics)


2002 Salt Lake City (Winter Olympics)


2004 Athens (Summer Olympics)


2006 Torino (Winter Olympics)


2008 Beijing (Summer Olympics)


2010 Vancouver (Winter Olympics)


2012 London (Summer Olympics)


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