The idea came when we built Cafe Five (www.cafe5.com.mx) where we saw the need to adapt an inexpensive room for users. In our search for solutions, find the work of the architect Andreas Strauss in 2006 recycled concrete pipes to bring in a hotel room.






We managed to recycle the tube diameter by 2.44m long and 3.50m to make our bathroom our client decided to make a hotel with the same characteristics as Desparkhotel. On a ground that is in the periphery of Tepoztlan, with excellent panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco and in a wooded setting of unusual features, has been creating a natural and extraordinary for our purpose. The goal was to have the opportunity to build faster and at a very affordable cost for a hotel that would Tepoztlan tourism service to others it was a totally new concept for the region. With a projection of 20 rooms and began building the first modules.




Unlike the hotel Andreas Strauss, we place the rooms (tubes) in three modules to harness the ground as possible. Our office is commissioned to do a general plan and build the first module 3 tubocretos then Tubohotel administration was responsible for building the remaining modules. The order of the tubes is random with respect to topography. Construction took place over a period of 3 months.

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