Design Stories was conceived in a humid afternoon in Montreal at the end of August 2009.

I wanted to experiment with social media, and at the time the Ning platform seemed to me the only way to deploying it without involving my other colleagues.

Three days later when I got back in Athens, I saw that 12 people had already registered (11 were blackmailed from me). Still, there was someone that none of the rest of us knew. That counted for the 50% of my decision to go forth and spend the time and money required to make the site grow.

The other 50% and off course far more significant, was my friend Eleni Moustaira (you can see her work here and here). She is an architect but right now mainly involved in producing major cultural events, and since I was nothing back then but an excited guy with a new toy, she helped me and contributed a lot in the Design Stories endeavor, by training me in the basics of architecture and design (of course this involved a lot of arguing and fights)

So here we are, three years later with a brand new website, and a clearer focus.

Design Stories is more or less what its title says. A place where you can find stories we like about design. We search the web and real world everyday ¬†to present to you things we find cool, funny, hideous or educational and hope you like them…

Stay tuned