Murals of People Staring into Portals of Color by Seth Globepainter

Artist Julien “Seth” Malland aka Seth Globepainter has become known around the world for his vibrant murals of people, most frequently children, who appear to be sucked into colorful rainbow-like voids. The figures are usually facing away from the viewer, their attention completely swallowed by pools of dripping color revealed behind drab, urban facades. Seth has been active in the Parisian graffiti scene since the 1990s and has written or participated in several books over the last few years. Read more […]

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A Pair of Summer Houses on Syros, Greece by Block722 Architects

Story via Yatzer Athens-based architecture studio Block 722 designed this attractive pair of holiday houses on the Greek island of Syros, a popular summer destination for Greeks and foreigners alike. Dubbed Syros I and Syros II, each of the two houses is spacious enough to accommodate a family and their guests, since they both have guest rooms that are discreetly detached from the main house, as well as ample outdoor space for socialising and relaxing. Ideally aligned with the breathtaking Read more […]

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Karl Lagerfeld Has Arranged His Floor-to-Ceiling Library Sideways

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld does things differently than the rest of us—even with something as ordinary as a bookshelf. The creative director of Fendi and Chanel has a massive collection of publications that stack from the floor to the ceiling. Although we’ve previously seen some impressive solutions for displaying a large library, Lagerfeld manages to be unconventional without overthinking it: he simply stacks the hundreds of books horizontally rather than vertically. Lagerfeld’s Read more […]

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Architectural Watercolors of a Dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski

Architect and watercolorist Tytus Brzozowski imagines a dreamlike world where giant structures rest on towering stilts and trains seem to emerge from tunnels in the side of residential buildings. Unusual motifs like dice and teapots dot the landscape (or float through the air), and yet everything seems in its place, a credibility attributed to elements lifted directly from the architecture seen on the streets of Warsaw, Poland. Brzozowski refers to his watercolor paintings as “the city of his Read more […]

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Holiday Home in Kato Gatzea – Milies – Greece

The two-storey house is oriented southwest in order to gain maximum utilisation of the view towards Pagasitikos Bay. The acclimatisation to the differing grades of the ground and the distribution of the main volume, using natural materials like wood, stone and ecological hydraulic mortars ensure full harmonization with the landscape. The residence embodies the basic necessary areas in its main two-storey volume whilst the bedrooms are in the loft and in the annex. The outside offers Read more […]

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