house near mumbai is embedded into the natural landscape

architecture brio has completed a residential property that unobtrusively occupies the undulating indian landscape. situated at the foothills of the western ghats, a designated UNESCO world heritage site, the dwelling has been titled ‘the riparian house’ — a name derived from its riverside location. positioned just below a hillock, the residence is partially concealed beneath a vegetated roof that merges with the rolling terrain and forms an extension of the landscape. as a result of its Read more […]

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Andy Yeung’s drone photography captures Hong Kong’s urban jungle

hong kong is widely acknowledged for its distinct architectural identity and seemingly impenetrable urban landscape of skyscrapers. the city’s tightly-packed residential towers are some of the tallest in the world, and have been studied and documented by a range of local and international photographers for their visual and structural characteristics. andy yeung, a photographer based in hong kong, captures the bustling metropolis from a completely new perspective for his series Read more […]

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Mobile cabin clad with cedar wood and corten steel

Clad with cedar wood and corten steel, this mobile dwelling provides comfortable living accommodation suitable for a range of climates. Named Vista, the 160 square foot cabin offers space for one or two occupants, with dedicated sleeping, living, and bathing facilities. conceived as a private space that shares a direct relationship with nature, large operable low-E windows on three sides of the unit offer uninterrupted views. the standard mobile home is 20 feet long, over 8 feet wide, and more Read more […]

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Photographer documents the architectural details of ceilings in Iran

An instagram photographer is taking viewers on a visual journey through the history of iranian architecture and design. m1rasoulifard captures the structural and artistic intricacies of Iran’s most significant places of worship and cultural complexes, from the jāmeh mosque — one of the oldest still standing in the country — to the Chaharbagh school, both in the city of Isfahan. As home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Iran is recognized for its ancient architectural Read more […]

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Hotel Sahara palace Marrakech, design by orientalist Stuart Church

‘richly adorned’ hardly does it justice, ‘too much is just enough’. the majestic hotel sahara palace marrakech, featuring all the splendors of moorish, indian and venetian architecture, is set on 54 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, surrounded by palm trees and olive groves. the property features 89 well-appointed, spacious guest rooms, including 15 luxurious suites, spread between the main palace and four riads. all rooms and suites enjoy views over the atlas mountains, Read more […]

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