Cayce Zavaglia’s thread painting

Cayce Zavaglia’s thread painting Cayce Zavaglia’s process, which she refers to as both thread painting and “renegade embroidery,” begins with a photoshoot of each subject, namely friends, family, and fellow artists. Roughly 100-150 photos are winnowed down to a single selection which she then begins to embroider with one-ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen. She shares via her artist statement: I was originally trained as a painter, but switched to embroidery 12 years ago in an Read more […]

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Pavlos Samios “Painting Apology” Exhibition in Benaki Museum

Pavlos Samios Painting Apology Born in Athens, Pavlos Samios studied at the School of Fine Arts with Nicos Nicolaou and Yannis Moralis.  He had his first one-man show in Athens (1978).  He has presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.  He is teaching in the School of Fine Arts at the workshop for Byzantine traditional painting.  Initially surrealist, his work developed in the frame of descriptive painting with a strong personal style.  From 1978 to 1992 Read more […]

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Trash and Found Objects Transformed into Birds by ‘Bordalo II’

Trash and Found Objects Transformed into Birds by Bordalo II Lisbon-based street artist Bordallo II  recently completed work on two new bird installations, an owl and heron, created from painted trash and other objects affixed to a wall. You can see additional new works by following on Facebook. Read more […]

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Remarkably Pristine Ancient Greek Mosaics Uncovered in Turkish City of Zeugma

Remarkably Pristine Ancient Greek Mosaics Uncovered in Turkish City of Zeugma A team of archeologists led by Professor Kutalmış Görkay of Ankara University recently unearthed three ancient Greek mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma near the border of Syria. The excavation project, which began in 2007, was spurred on by flooding in the area due to the construction of a dam. Fearing that the ancient treasures of Zeugma would be lost forever, archeologists rushed to excavate, protect, and Read more […]

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Gerasimos Galiatsatos painter

Gerasimos Galiatsatos painter The artist’s statement: Everything is fluid, changing, evolving, wear. With the occasion of the fluidity of things and situations, using the fluid color to create forms and lines that will give shape to the finished work. Nerve, fast, violent color liquid lines, suggesting a hasty violent modern lifestyle, violent over time. The square shape of the canvas, suggesting the square cold logic, sometimes the man recalls, when he wants to justify various Read more […]

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