A small village in Messenia becomes a street art attraction

Source: http://humansofkalamata.gr/index.php/kalamata/o-skitsofrenis-gia-ti-glyfada-messinias-to-xorio-ton-graffiti Glyfada, a small village near Pylos is probably the only place in Greece outside the cities that is literally a graffiti paradise. Skitsofrenis (real name Kostas Louzis) says that the initiative for this belongs to the local people that asked him to create something in the village square. The result impressed the villagers and many asked him to create something on their house Read more […]

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K.N. Patsios presents “The Lost Parthenon”

Following his solo exhibition “The Twisted Odyssey”, which took place in London, Konstantinos Patsios presents his new series of works titled “The Lost Parthenon”, at Melkart Gallery, in Paris, in April 2016. The exhibition is curated by Leonie Gavrias. In Konstantinos Patsios’ work, childishness goes hand in hand with violence, while sarcasm implies sensitivity. Various heterogeneous symbols converse with each other, adding meaning to materials embedded in rich layers. The artist Read more […]

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Vibrant Oil Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Via This is Colossal Brooklyn-based painter Iris Scott  eschews brushes and palette knives in favor of using the most traditional art tools of all time: her fingers. Her color-saturated canvases of thick oil paint capture shaking wet dogs, dreamy urban cityscapes, and serene outdoor scenes. “There’s nothing between me and the paint, I feel all the tiny nuances,” says Scott. “I can manipulate thick paint with my fingers in ways brushes never could.” The physicality of using her digits Read more […]

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Fragile Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

Working with the rigid edges of large dried magnolia leaves artist Susanna Bauer (previously) adds tiny crocheted embellishments of cotton yarn to create fascinating sculptures that marry the natural and artificial world. The fragility of the medium alone—dry leaves—is enough to cause a double take when first encountering these tiny interventions, and a closer look reveals near perfection in Bauer’s stitching, a near Herculean effort in patience. Many of her pieces are almost shockingly Read more […]

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Charis Tsevis embodies African culture through magnificent mosaic murals

Story via artnouveau African Bricks for Sasi’s is a series of digital artworks that encompass a dazzling combination of materials, themes, colours, formations and techniques — all of which are inspired by Africa. These vibrant murals are the work of visual designer Charis Tsevis, created to decorate the walls of his wife’s family’s African restaurant Sasi’s, in his hometown of Athens, Greece. Tsevis was asked to produce artworks inspired by everyday life, but also to pay tribute Read more […]

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