June 27, 2016 ellen-9

Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett Merge Plant and Animal Life

Artist Ellen Jewett refers to her sculptural work as “natural history surrealist sculpture,” a blend of plants, animals, and occasionally human-made structures or objects. Her artwork is deeply informed by an extensive background in anthropology, medical illustration, exotic animal care, and even stop-motion animation, all of which accentuate the biological structure of each piece, while […]

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June 24, 2016 geometrical-tattoos-jasper-andres-1

Geometrical Tattoos By Jasper Andres Beautifully Fuse Geometry With Nature

New Zealand-based tattooist Jasper Andres creates beautiful minimal tattoos. Using his delicate touch, Jasper blends together the graceful figures of nature and geometry, resulting in unique tattoos. Sometimes the artist even infuses the thinly-lined tattoos with vibrant colors which makes them look something like watercolor paintings. Keep on scrolling for a closer look at these […]

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June 12, 2016 1

Spiraling Rainbow Vortexes Created From Layered Paper by Jen Stark

Jen Stark‘s work appears like psychedelic wormholes, pulsating and multi-colored portals that might throw you into another dimension entirely. Working outward from an equally prismatic core, the pieces radiate entire spectrums of color from layered paper, PVC, or foam board. These contrasting colors and repetition give the works a feeling of movement and cyclical regeneration […]

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May 24, 2016 14

A small village in Messenia becomes a street art attraction

Source: http://humansofkalamata.gr/index.php/kalamata/o-skitsofrenis-gia-ti-glyfada-messinias-to-xorio-ton-graffiti Glyfada, a small village near Pylos is probably the only place in Greece outside the cities that is literally a graffiti paradise. Skitsofrenis (real name Kostas Louzis) says that the initiative for this belongs to the local people that asked him to create something in the village square. The result impressed the villagers and […]

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March 21, 2016 bc61aa7a-5746-46e3-bbb7-2dc503141dac

K.N. Patsios presents “The Lost Parthenon”

Following his solo exhibition “The Twisted Odyssey”, which took place in London, Konstantinos Patsios presents his new series of works titled “The Lost Parthenon”, at Melkart Gallery, in Paris, in April 2016. The exhibition is curated by Leonie Gavrias. In Konstantinos Patsios’ work, childishness goes hand in hand with violence, while sarcasm implies sensitivity. Various […]

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