June 29, 2016 mcleod-3

Colourflow: Dizzying Experimental Particle Animations and Renderings by David McLeod

Colourflow_3 from David McLeod on Vimeo. Australian digital artist David McLeod creates amazing animations and renderings of moving particles trapped within invisible spheres or cubes. “I think we all find the flocking behavior as seen in a school of fish or flock of birds a little hypnotic,” he shares with Colossal. “The Colourflow pieces are […]

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June 27, 2016 paintoverme4

Gorgeous Gowns Are Unconventional Canvases Covered in Classical Paintings

A glamorous dress can act as an unconventional canvas for a gorgeous work of art. This idea is beautifully highlighted in Paint Me Over, a photography series by Marina Danilova that features a model donning extravagant gowns painted with stunning depictions of landscapes and architecture. Long voluminous skirts and form-fitting bodices act as vessels for large, […]

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