Karl Lagerfeld Has Arranged His Floor-to-Ceiling Library Sideways

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld does things differently than the rest of us—even with something as ordinary as a bookshelf. The creative director of Fendi and Chanel has a massive collection of publications that stack from the floor to the ceiling. Although we’ve previously seen some impressive solutions for displaying a large library, Lagerfeld manages to be unconventional without overthinking it: he simply stacks the hundreds of books horizontally rather than vertically. Lagerfeld’s Read more […]

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NYC Shop’s Rainbow Bagels Are Making Breakfast a Lot More Colorful (video)

The Bagel Store is one eatery that’s making a colorful splash in Brooklyn (and all over social media). For the past 20 years, bagel artist Scott Rossillo has been crafting his vanilla-flavored, rainbow bagels, which are created with a detailed, time-consuming process. In the time it normally takes to make 1,000 bagels (5 hours), Rossillo’s only able to make 100 because of the dyeing, layering, and twisting that’s involved. However, once this process is complete, The Bagel Store’s shelves are Read more […]

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RESORT 2016, by Zeus & Dione

The collection explores the sculptural element of the body figure, the  lightness of it at the time of physical exercise and the volumes shaped during natural movement. Black, ivory and gold contrasts blend with rich blue and red tones to create a graphic form of lightness. The natural pallet of honeycomb shades in solid raw silk brings a more sculptural aspect to the clothes with hints of handmade stitching that depicts the artisanal craftsmanship. A synthesis of contrasting weights and dyes Read more […]

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Hermés’ carnets d’ équateur porcelain collection depicts Robert Dallet’s animal kingdom

Story via Design Boom as well as their signature fashion and accessories recognized around the world, Hermés is known for translating their luxury aesthetic into homeware. recently, they presented their latest porcelain service ‘carnets d’ équateur ‘ in paris; an homage to wildlife artist and naturalist robert dallet and his longstanding collaboration with the french brand which began in 1985. exhibited in the heart of paris, the ground floor of studio des acacias was transformed Read more […]

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Designer Turns Food Into Adorable Art

Mundane Matters makes things using everyday objects. Although mostly using food (we’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful creations using food these days), there is also something that is very unique, wicked we would say, in Mundane Matters’ works. Talking to Mundane Matters, we’ve discovered a much more interesting fact about her works. All these works have been created spontaneously, mostly on a daily basis. Not one image is planned and she just let her feeling guide her through to the end Read more […]

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