Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years

Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years Shrek was a Merino sheep, a castrated male, belonging to South Island, New Zealand, who gained international fame in 2004 owing to his gigantic coat of fleece. Shrek became famous after escaping his enclosure and evading the shearers for six years by hiding in caves. Merino sheep are usually shorn annually but Shrek managed to escape the blade for six years straight. When he was finally caught, the sheep was unrecognizable. “He looked like some Read more [...]

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“Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”Maya Angelou

‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud ” Maya Angelou dies  May 28th 2014 Fear is the enemy of creativity, the cradle of mediocrity, an obstacle to enjoy life. Very few people confront the darkness of fear with dignity and grace .  Maya Angelou, who had overcome serious facts — childhood rape, poverty, addiction, bereavement —  became one of today’s most praised writers .The 1993 gem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me , conceived and edited by Sara Jane Boyers, pairs Angelou’s Read more [...]

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Guinness World Record Syrian mural from scrap objects

Six Syrian artists have set the 2014 Guinness World Record   by building the world’s largest  mural made from recycled materials  in Damascus Guinness declared the work the world’s largest mural made of recycled materials. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP / Getty Images The brightly coloured, 720-sq metre work was constructed from aluminum cans, broken mirrors, bicycle wheels and other scrap objects and  its on a street outside a primary school in the centre of the Syrian capital. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP Read more [...]

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French street Artist Levalet

The French street artist  Levalet,  better known as Tourist traffic, moves in the balance between poetry and social protest “I needed some place to put my installations so, I turned video into drawings, and I went to the street,” he told The Huffington Post Charles Leval is a French street artist, whose art is starting to crop up in some of the most unexpected places in the city of Paris You may have seen the incredible street art Levalet, also known as Charles Leval, making the Read more [...]

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In Athens, the Last Man Painting

In Athens, the Last Man Painting “As long as I can keep painting, I’ll do it,” he said. “When I stop breathing is when I’ll stop painting.” New York Times profiled Mr. Vasilis Dimitriou. Today, he is the last living movie billboard painter in Greece, and one of only a handful in Europe, his craft on the verge of extinction. When silent films took off in the 1920s, Hollywood studios employed graphic designers to convey the glamour and excitement of new releases, and handmade billboards Read more [...]

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