Did Ancient Greeks really have laptops? (pics + vid)

The use of laptops in antiquity could explain a lot about the thriving Ancient Greek civilization Online conspiracy theorists have made the bizarre claim that an ancient Greek funerary relief depicts a modern-day laptop computer. Is this proof that time travelers from the twenty-first century visit the ancient Greeks and introduce them to the use of laptops?   Read more […]

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Internet Helps Boy Wearing a Lionel Messi Jersey Made Out of a Plastic Bag Meet His Soccer Hero

In January, the Internet was captivated by a photograph featuring a young boy wearing a Lionel Messi jersey that was fashioned out of a plastic bag. A Messi fan account on Twitter first posted an image of the child donning the makeshift soccer uniform, but with his back turned towards the camera, his identity was unknown. A couple of weeks later, however, the child was recognized as five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi from Jaghori, Afghanistan. While the story behind the jersey is undeniably Read more […]

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The funny post of Friday, bent-over figures form hybrid-human creatures and secret friends

Designboom has featured a range of projects that see the human body used as a canvas, digitally molded and physically manipulated into alternate, unusual beings. Likening itself to artist sebastian bieniek’s ‘double-faced girl’ — where crudely drawn portraits drawn on female faces materialized as a two-headed humans — photographer Anahell‘s series of ‘secret friends’ use simple, visual trickery to transform her friends and family members into a collection of curious creatures. Read more […]

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Oliviero Toscani’s Most Infamous Campaigns

Oliviero Toscani is the man behind some of the most memorable and controversial campaigns in advertising history. From 1982 through to 2000, Toscani’s headline-grabbing ads turned Italian fashion label, Benetton, into a global household name. Known for pushing boundaries, his uncompromising work has confronted social issues such as AIDS, racism, war, religion, capital punishment, homosexuality and anorexia. On 21 April, Toscani will give a keynote presentation charting his Read more […]

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Frozen pants are the hottest new trend this winter

Residents suffering through the brutal winters of Minnesota are finding interesting ways to entertain themselves. With winter comes plenty of new activities like sledding, ice skating and of course snowball fights, but when it’s too cold to stay outside for more than 15 minutes, it’s time for a new activity: frozen pants Taking a break from writing to create some subzero fun for the neighbors to enjoy–or not :O #amwriting #frozenpants pic.twitter.com/zSQtesbO0I — Tania Suarez (@taniansuarez) Read more […]

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