Hugging Sofa Means You’ll Never Be Alone Again

It’s been a long day at work. All you want is a hug. But you’re single. There is nobody, except perhaps the neighbor, and maybe you don’t want to hug the neighbor. Or maybe they don’t want to hug you. So what do you do? Where do you go? Well, thanks to designer Eun Kyoung Lee, those lonely hugless days are over because she has invented the Free Hug Sofa. Yes. That’s right. A sofa. That gives you hugs. For free. The innovative piece of furniture was created for the A’Design Awards and, Read more […]

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Japan doesn’t have central heating

As winter falls in Japan, people in almost every house get out their kotatsu – a hybrid of a table, blanket and a heater. This is because, somewhat surprisingly, in Japan there’s no such thing as central heating. Even though winter is never particularly cold there, they manage to avoid catching colds and other illnesses during winter time thanks to this unique invention. The kotatsu is a traditional Japanese piece of furniture: it is composed of a low wooden table frame Read more […]

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The smallest apartment in Paris by Kitoko Studio

The smallest apartment in Paris by Kitoko Studio A utility room in a building in Paris measuring 8 sqm (86 ft) is converted into a functional and easy to live apartment. The bookshelves, bedroom, wardrobe, storage, small dining/work table, and fully equipped bathroom is hidden behind the wall and accessible through closet doors. There is also a kitchenette with fridge, a microwave and removable cooktop. This may be the smallest apartment in Paris but it looks comfortable and cozy. Tiny Read more […]

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Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes infill NY storefront with immersive sensory object

Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes infill NY storefront with immersive sensory object as a union of digital and tangible processes, oslo-based artist jana winderen and architect marc fornes of the theverymany, have infilled new york’s storefront for art and architecture with an immersive sound and light object. titled ‘situation NY’, the work comprises an intricate web of parametrically generated shapes, undulating and stretching from the exhibition space’s floor to ceiling and colored in Read more […]

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Would you live in a home like this one?

Original pink residence designed by Anthony Baratta situated in New York City, United States. Browsing the web, in order to find stuff that interests you, I came across this house, posted on Home Adore. I believe that it would be a nightmare for me to live in this place, even for one night, however I am curious to see what are your comments So please share your thoughts with me   Read more […]

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