Interview: Yung Cheng Lin

The art of Yung Cheng Lin is gripping, compelling, and raw. I feel like I could make a Jackson Pollock out of all the adjectives and emotions I feel staring at his pieces. Damn. Where the hell does it all come from? Check out his interview for a peek: How long have you been a photographer? What was your earlier work like? How have you changed since you began as a photographer? How is photography different from other media in the experimentation and diversity of genre? I have enjoyed painting Read more […]

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Interview: Crashing Ocean Waves Frozen in Stunning Moments Captured by Clark Little

When surfing expert Clark Little’s wife was looking for a photo of the ocean to decorate their bedroom wall with in 2007, Little decided to forego the random gallery print and take matters into his own hands. With the confidence of a seasoned wave chaser, the longtime Oahu resident bought waterproof photography gear, headed to the North Shore, and jumped into the ocean to capture the perfect shot. What began as a DIY solution to a home-decorating challenge turned into an intense passion for photographing Read more […]

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Interview with artist Olafur Eliasson on Design Boom

Interview with artist olafur eliasson on Design Boom Since the founding of his studio in 1995, olafur eliasson has engaged audiences across the globe with an extensive and important body of work spanning sculpture, painting, photography, film, and installation. the danish/icelandic artist has set his monumental projects both in and around civic space and within museum institutions, each embodying his interests in perception, movement, experience, and feelings of self. His urban artworks like Read more […]

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Portrait of the artist: Bill Viola, video artist

Portrait of the artist: Bill Viola, video artist ‘I fell into a lake aged six and saw the most beautiful world. My work is about getting back there’ Story via the Guardian  Why have you always been drawn to video? I came of age at the end of the 1960s, just when video was also coming into the world. Companies such as Sony and Panasonic were starting to market it and we artists immediately knew how it could be used. It was a rare time of collaboration rather than competition: every Read more […]

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Max Zorn interview on Design Boom

Max Zorn interview on Design Boom   DB: please can you tell us a bit about your background and what you do for a living? MZ: I make art with packing tape, the same kind you might use on boxes when you’re sending a package in the mail or moving home. it may sound weird to start my resume with a sentence like that, but that’s what I do for a living. yet, it was a coincidence that I ended up as an artist at all. it all started with the idea to use street lamps as an urban gallery for street Read more […]

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