Frank Gehry gives the finger to all new buildings (except his)

Frank Gehry gives the finger to all new buildings (except his) The architect Frank Gehry, designer of the Guggenheim Museum, has declared that 98 per cent of modern architecture is “s**t”. The put-down came after a journalist suggested his buildings are “showy” and another asked whether “emblematic buildings” such as his own would continue to feature in modern cities. Peering stonily from a podium he raised his middle finger in a gesture of contempt and rudeness before declaring Read more [...]

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Marco Djermaghian interview

Marco Djermaghian, an unconventional Iranian architect has actively sought in his practice to engage directly with the process of construction. Lately he has renovated and partially re-constructed the office building of a glass factory in Iran.  His purpose was to refine the traditions of his country to elemental simplicity, while transforming materials and surfaces through the exploration of new treatments and techniques. Liya Glass Factory Qazvin/ (IRAN): the construction is a completion Read more [...]

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David Robustelli of Twibfy exclusive on Design Stories

There is a new visual inspiration platform out there only this one focuses on the creative community. An interview with David Robustelli, the creative mind behind the platform and one of the founders. What is Twibfy and how did it started? Twibfy was developed by our Amsterdam based creative design agency primarily for internal use. We needed an outlet for visual inspiration that was easy to use and without having to constantly search through masses of irrelevant images and videos to find the Read more [...]

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Uncube Interviews ‘India’s Greatest Architect’: Charles Correa

I think I became an architect because of toy trains. As a child, I had a Hornby tinplate track and a couple of locomotives and wagons. Nothing very ambitious, really just enough to run the trains around your room, and the following day, perhaps change the layout so that they could run into the next room, under a table and back again. That was the marvelous thing about those old tinplate rails. They had flexibility. Every time one finished playing, back they went into their wooden box – to be Read more [...]

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Takashi Murakami: Healing Powers

Takashi Murakami: Healing Powers on Japan’s explosive master of color Takashi Murakami contemplates the shifting purpose of his work in today’s short from Friend & Colleague. The Tokyo-born artist was interviewed while surrounded by new pieces at his Arhat exhibition at LA’s Blum & Poe gallery, shortly after the international premiere of fantastical epic Jellyfish Eyes, which took place at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in April. Murakami has Read more [...]

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