NOT ABOUT DEATH, by Romina Ressia

NOT ABOUT DEATH, by Romina Ressia Romina Ressia was born in 1981 in Argentina, near to Buenos Aires. Her passion about art started at young age but it was not until her late twenties, after graduating in Economics, that she decided to dedicate her life to Photography. She studied Photography, Fashion Photography, Art Direction & Scenery in different places including The Teatro Colon. Owner of a pictorial style, has exhibited her work in Milan, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Czech Republic & Read more [...]

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Abandoned Soviet architecture photographed by Rebecca Litchfield

Abandoned Soviet architecture photographed by Rebecca Litchfield Struck by the extent of abandonment in the former Soviet Union and its satellite states in the former Eastern Bloc, photographer Rebecca Litchfield sensitively and beautifully records many abandoned location within 13 countries which were once part of the Soviet Union or occupied. Including forgotten towns, factories, prisons, schools, monuments, hospitals, theatres, military complexes, asylums and death camps. The former Read more [...]

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The Debatable Land by Alan Knox

The Debatable Land by Alan Knox In response to the recent vote for Scottish independence from the UK, photographer Alan Knox took to the border between the two countries to use the landscape as a stand-in metaphor for the political uncertainty that may or may not be on the horizon As Scotland seeks to question it’s relationship with the United Kingdom and Europe in 2014, my intention in photographing the core footpaths of the Borders was to represent them as roads which may be continually Read more [...]

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Princess Juliana scary runway

Princess Juliana scary runway Princess Juliana International Airport (IATA: SXM, ICAO: TNCM) (also known as Sint Maarten International Airport) serves the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin. The length of the runway—just 7,152 feet—is perfectly fine for small or medium-size jets, but as the second-busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean, it regularly welcomes so-called heavies—long-haul wide-body jetliners like Boeing 747’s and Airbus A340’s—from Europe, which fly in improbably Read more [...]

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In the Face of John Malkovich

Photographer Recreates Famous Portraits With John Malkovich As His Model   Renowned photographer Sandro Miller has worked together with legendary Hollywood A-Lister John Malkovich many times, but when Miller wanted to celebrate the photography greats that had inspired and guided him, he had to do something special. So he, with Malkovich as his dashing unisex model, recreated some of those influential photographers’ most important portraits in a photo series called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Read more [...]

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