Photographer Nicolas Bouvier Shoots Figures in Silhouette Against Mysterious and Foreboding Landscapes

In what could easily have been snapshots of a normal day at the beach or a hike through the woods, these photos by Nicolas Bouvier portray figures exploring the Pacific Northwest in stark, mysterious contrast. The French art director and concept designer is a master of teasing unusual scenes from breathtaking landscapes around the coast of Washington. By placing himself in foggy atmospheres and shooting against the sun, his photography turns passersby (and often images of his own children) Read more […]

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Oleg Oprisсo’s photography

Oleg Oprisсo was born in the small city of Lviv in western Ukraine. From the age of 16 he worked as an operator at a photo lab. At age 18, he moved to Kiev, where he began his professional photography career. At age 23, Oleg Oprisco changed from digital capture to film. Follow me elsewhere: Web: E-mail: Read more […]

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The Cutest 4-Year-Old In Japan And Her Adorable Adventures

Being an adult is tough and there’s no unsubscribe link. Luckily, you can go back in time with these adorable photos by Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima.  He followed his friend’s 4-year-old daughter from a rural Japanese village to Paris, while she was discovering the world. Kawashima released a whole book called “Mirai Chan” featuring the rosy-cheeked girl in 2011. The book was an instant success in Japan and earned the photographer the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Photos Read more […]

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Jones Wolfgang’s Striking Body Details

Berlin-based Jones Wolfgang is an aspiring, new photographer. Wolfgang is familiar with photography as he worked as a model and has now acquired the role of the photographer. He believes that a bond should be formed between the one behind the camera and the one posing for it to create a cozy, friendly atmosphere that results to a natural, relaxed series of images. Read more […]

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Frozen Countryside of Belarus Photographed by Alex Ugalnikov

Photographer Alex Ugalnikov ventures out into frozen early winter mornings to photograph fields and rivers covered in ice, snow, fuzzy layers of frost in his native Belarus. The clouds of white fog and trees covered in thick ice give the impression of infrared photography, but Ugalnikov tells us that what you see here is extremely close to reality with only minor color enhancements. Some of his best shots are wide panoramas of rivers near his home in Minsk. You can see more photography from the Read more […]

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