Magnificent men doing yoga

Yoga is not just an exercise that lifts your spirits and keeps you energized. It’s also a great way to develop a strong will and iron self-discipline that helps you stay calm and relaxed. Today, Bright Side would like to inspire you to do more yoga. Here are a few impressive photos of men, whose strength, flexibility and composure you can admire for hours. Read more […]

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25 of the most unusual hotels in the world that everyone should experience

Modern hotel owners find it more and more difficult to surprise their visitors, but luckily there are still several hotels out there in the world that will arouse the interest of even the savviest of tourists. Some of them amaze a person from outside, others offer luxurious interiors and breathtaking views from their rooms, and yet other ones astonish the guests by their unique atmosphere. Story via Bright Side Read more […]

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2016 Sony contest. The finalists

The 2016 Sony contest finalists. Enjoy! Read more […]

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Dream in the Forest

“Photographer Ata Kandó came from a family of intellectuals. She trained at the Bortnyik School, a private art school in Budapest where she met her first husband, the painter Gyula Kandó. After completing her training, she became an apprentice with the photographers Klara Wachter and Haar Ferenc.” Ata completed the photo book Dream in the Forest in 1957. The book which featured playful images of her children in fairytale-inspired compositions. The book also included text by her then 14-year Read more […]

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Strong Winds Carve Otherworldly Towers from Frozen Sand on the Shore of Lake Michigan

While exploring the shores around St. Joseph, Michigan last week, photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled onto a bizarre phenomenon: dozens of small sand towers rising out of the beach, some over a foot tall. The strange layered sand castles are formed when blasts of wind slowly erode layers of frozen sand, much like how a river might slowly create a canyon. Nowicki returned yesterday to shoot more photos, but found that sunny skies were enough to melt them away. You can see more of his photography Read more […]

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