August 2, 2013 1

China Has a Fake Paris, and It’s a Ghost Town


That’s a nice photo of Paris, isn’t it? Nope! That’s not Paris and no, it’s not Disney World or even the Las Vegas Strip; it’s a replica Paris in China. What makes this clone of Paris even more weird is that it’s a ghost town. Only about 2,000 people live there, which means that those giant skyscrapers, with 700+ units tend to only have around 30 people living in each of them. This city has become a place purely to take wedding photos for Chinese citizens who can’t afford to travel to the real Paris and it’s a prime destination for curiosity seekers.

2 The fake Eiffel Tower lights up the night in Tianducheng

This Chinese replica of Paris looks very, well, Parisian. From the Eiffel Tower to the rest of the buildings. It’s all meticulously cloned. The China Paris is located in a residential area just outside of Hangzhou in East China’s Zhejiang Province and is called Tianducheng.

4 5

These giant abandoned cities are sprouting up all around China and people fear that it could be the start of serious real estate crisis in the near future. A real estate crisis in China would no doubt have a major impact on the global economy since the rest of the world relies so heavily on Chinese manufacturing, it’s growing consumer class, and it’s thirst for the rest of the world’s natural resources.


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