Domaine de Murtoli in Corsica

Domaine de Murtoli is a private hotel comprised of 14 villas set amongst 2,ooo hectares of Corsican mountains and idyllic beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in France. This private paradise is a hidden gem, with an amazing mixture of contrasts, the wild Corsican landscape with the most stunning fauna and flora, complimented by sophisticated and chic facilities, top class cuisine and fabulous service and catering to individual needs.







Murtoli’s history is lost in the mists of time. The name, inspired by ‘myrte’ (myrtle) and similar to ‘l’immortelle’ (the everlasting), refers to this fundamental site. It is said that the Ortolo Valley has the very essence of the Garden of Eden. Grottos, springs, game… Prehistoric tribes made a good move in coming to the valley.








The remains at Cauria, enigmatic stone statues, still bear witness to their presence here. Since the 16th century, shepherd’s house and sheepfolds, cows and sheep have filled the valley, establishing the valley’s farming vocation. The shepherds came and watched their flocks from high up on the rocks, and watched the dangers at sea from the Genoese Tower. The lion of Roccapina witnessed the sinking of the luxury steamer.

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