Chris Booth Kaipara Strata – 1992
Crystalline sandstone slabs and river boulders
4 x 2.3 x 5m

Gibbs Farm is an unusual setting for a sculpture collection. The North Auckland property is dominated by the Kaipara Harbour, the largest harbour in the Southern hemisphere. The harbour is so vast it occupies the whole western horizon; and it is very shallow, so when the tide goes out, the shallows are exposed for several kilometres and the light shimmies and bounces off it across the land. Equally, it is the forecourt to the prevailing westerly weather that sweeps, sometimes vehemently, across the land. Everything in the property flows towards and eventually into the sea; and every work contends in some way with the slide seaward.

Daniel Buren Green and White Fence – 1999 / 2001
Fence posts at 4m intervals, painted green and white 87mm stripes 3.2km long


Anish Kapoor Dismemberment, Site 1 – 2009
Mild steel tube and tensioned fabric
West end 25 x 8m, East end 8 x 25m. Length 85m


The flow of the land, the immense body of water, the wide harbour flats and the assertive variety of the elements have all imposed themselves on the artists. Gibbs acknowledges that “the challenge for the artists is the scale of the landscape; it scares them initially” and demands something more from them. Walking the land visitors can appreciate how each artist has come to terms in their own way with the gravitational pull that is exerted on everything as the mountains roll into hills and slide into gullies and slope down towards the wide flat expanse of the Kaipara harbour.

Andy Goldsworthy Arches – 2005
Pink Leadhill sandstone blocks stacked into 11 freestanding arches. Each arch is 7m long with each block 1.4m²


Richard Serra Te Tuhirangi Contour – 1999/2001
56 Corten steel plates
252m x 6m x 50mm

Leon van den Eijkel Red Cloud Confrontation in Landscape – 1996
25 cast formed and painted
concrete cubes 17.5 x 17.5m


Kenneth Snelson Easy K – 2005
Aluminium and stainless steel
6.5 x 6.5 x 32m


Richard Thompson Untitled (Red Square/Black Square) – 1994
4 units of welded and painted steel
4 x 4 x 5.7m


Len Lye Wind Wand – 2003
Red fibreglass tube 45m x 200mm


Sol LeWitt Pyramid (Keystone NZ) – 1997
Standard concrete blocks
7.75 x 16 x 16m

After nearly twenty years Gibbs Farm includes major works by Graham Bennett, Chris Booth, Daniel Buren, Bill Culbert, Neil Dawson, Marijke de Goey, Andy Goldsworthy, Ralph Hotere, Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Len Lye, Russell Moses, Peter Nicholls, Eric Orr, Tony Oursler, George Rickey, Peter Roche, Richard Serra, Kenneth Snelson, Richard Thompson, Leon van den Eijkel and Zhan Wang. Most works in the collection are commissioned; and commissioning new works rather than buying from an exhibition involves the satisfaction of dealing with the artists, as Gibbs comments “they’re interesting because they’re winners, tough, ambitious”.

—Rob Garrett

Gibbs Farm is open to artists, educational institutions, charities and the public, by prior appointment only

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