Klab architecture: Emasies house on Andros island

Situated on a technically and socially complicated site, Athens-based klab architects‘ ‘Emasies house’ on Andros island attentively complies with local building ordinances while simultaneously creating a quiet country getaway from the nearby Athens lifestyle. Sitting on a south-facing terracing slope amongst a wealth of cypress, lemon, olive and oak trees, the residence both enjoys the surrounding natural landscape and  complies to the style mandated by the neoclassical village that defines its perimeter.

Conceptually echoing the Greek monastery, the dwelling contains canopied courtyard sheltered from the strong winds by the home,  collectively placed atop a protective retaining wall made of stacked stone. two volumes connected by an inclined circulation ramp make up  the main edifice, while two more satellite structures provide a storage room and guest home hidden further within the trees. the small windows of  the traditional masonry construction of the region contrast large panes of glazing which open the relationship between the interior and exterior. The  swimming pool acts as a gathering space for the family in the summertime, while the fireplace becomes the hearth during the colder winter nights.











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