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Matt Barrett’s stroll in downtown Athens


Matt Barrett has been traveling or living in Greece since 1968 and since 1996 he has been adding information to this website that is helpful to travelers to Greece and the Greek islands

Matt came again to Greece yesterday and uploaded a series of pics from the historic downtown Athens and its nightlife in Psiri on Facebook




Psiri has always had a reputation of being anti-establishment. From the very beginning of the modern Greek State people from the provinces and especially from the island of Naxos, came to the area of Psiri. Many got jobs and became respectable citizens but some stayed and made up the underworld of Athens. They were known as mangas. Hash-smokers, petty criminals and people discontent with society their ranks were constantly replenished by new immigrants. One group called Koutsavakideswere known for their long mustaches, long sharp toed boots with high heels, tight pants, a broad sash which hid their weapons and their jackets worn with one arm out of the sleeve. They terrorized Athens using Psiri as their base for over 50 years. They literally governed the neighborhood and even the police were afraid to set foot in Psiri.

Read more about Psiri on Matt’s website

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