This pavilion is located on the edge of a pond in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The 20 acre site is characterized by meandering paths, loose-laid stone walls, and views of the surrounding mountains, forests, wildflower meadows. The pavilion is intended as a respite, a place to sit quietly in the nature and observe the surrounding beauty. One approaches along a woodland path or a shoreline trail.

Composed of a curved, mortar-washed, brick wall, a wood-framed roof and a platform suspended above the water, the pavilion has a primal relationship to the landscape. Its design centers on providing an elemental experience – the masonry wall defines the north edge of the building and provides a backdrop to the interior, a feeling of security. The wood-framed roof provides shelter from the elements. The Rumford fireplace marks the center of the space, providing warmth and flame on cool nights.


The pavilion is simply furnished, with a built-in bench wrapping the perimeter, and a Shaker-style table set in the center. Down filled pillows are scattered along the bench for comfort. The aromatic cedar provides a comforting scent and a feeling of connection to the nature. This building is intended to create a sensorial experience that lifts the spirit and transcends the mundane, resulting in a stillness that is at once poetic and exhilarating.

Location: Vermont, USA
ArchitectDavid Coleman Architecture

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