Nathalie Trépanier’s salvaged sculptures


Nathalie Trépanier  has been involved in the art world for many years. She studied acting at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal from 1988 to 1991, and took to the stage for a few years. She then turned her sights to sculpture and design of utilitarian objects.

“I’m a treasure hunter, either on a beach in Gaspésie, in the garbage cans of my neighbourhood or in an industrial scrap yard… All of a sudden, in these piles of inanimate objects, I discover strange and zany beings who call out to me.  This sets the stage for the birth of another character in my series of “salvageables” .






These “salvageables” are made from a throng of objects put together with ingenuity and a touch of dare. Door handles, bicycle wheels, teapots, ski bindings; they all are part of the many disparate objects used in Nathalie’s creations. To be in contact with her work always brings a sense of joy. The marvel and magic work every time! Even after hours of scrutiny, the spectator still discovers new objects of amazement and surprise embedded in the sculpture.






Nathalie now works full-time at creating a wide range of works: sculptures, lamps and furniture, each one made from salvaged materials. Since 2003, Nathalie Trépanier has shown her works in solo or collective exhibitions in the Montérégie region as well as in and around Montréal. She has also created the interior design of many public and private places. Each of her pieces reveals the creative imagination of the artist, as much through the choice of materials as through their unexpected combinations, and her zest for life.


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