Nature as a designer: Voidokilia beach in Messinia

As you have probably noticed the number of new posts on the site has decreased. We do have an excuse for this. Design Stories is taking a brief vacation very close to the beach you can see on the pics. Here are a few words from Wikipedia:

Voidokilia Beach is a popular beach in Messinia in the Mediterranean area. In the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω), its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. The land facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon (or Yalova Lagoon), and important bird habitat. The beach has been named “A Place of Particular Natural Beauty”.[citation needed] It is part of a Natura 2000 protected area.[1][2]

We will be back full force from this Monday!
Photos are from Flickr

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