New Otets Paisiy Public Library, STUDIO 8 1/2

The project reveals a conceptual vision for a new public library, which would be housed in a waste tram at the “Otets Paisiy” Street in the town of Plovdiv.




This is the exact street where the first trolleybus was passing through 55 years ago. The street is “cut” because of urbanization reasons, but has preserved itself as a parallel and alternative city culture, collateral to the main pedestrian and touring zone in the city.

The project offers a new life for a small city square, which has lost its main function through the years. During the past years a number of foundations turn serious attention to this bohemian part of the town’s past and present. They initiated projects, exhibitions and festivals.






This library will fill in to some extent a palpable gap, formed by the lack of cultural centers and sharpened by the closing of the historic square nearby and the emblematic for the city book-store, bearing also the name of one of the holiest Bulgarians- Otets Paisiy.



Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Architect: Studio 8 1/2
Client: Open Arts Foundation
Build cost: 300 euro
Project area: 25 m2
Year of completion: 09.2011
Project name: New Public Library “Otets Paisiy”

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