pernilla & asif: coca-cola beatbox

Designed by London-based architectural duo pernilla & asif, the ‘coca-cola beatbox’ is now completed and ready for the london 2012 olympics. Responding to the summer theme ‘move to the beat’, this pavilion creates a multi-sensory experience for visitors by fusing music and technology within a setting of international sport. The exterior is comprised of 200 rectilinear air cushions to form a crystalline shell, with each interlocked element measuring the size of a billboard.





As individuals ascend through the structure, they can ‘play’ each unit to remix a track of music created by mark ronson and katy b while altering the integrated lighting, and responsive sensor technology.


Recorded sound bytes of an athlete’s heartbeats, squeaking sneakers and arrows striking targets will be activated with hand movements and gestures during a 200 meter journey to the roof top where views of the encompassing park are unveiled.



All images by  hufton + crow

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