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Janusz Herb, wins Judgment Day Award 2015

Janusz Jurek is a 3D digital artist based out of Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland who renders and constructs mind-altering portaits. – It is for me a very great reward because this decided by a vote graphic artists, designers, designers and advertising agencies, which also presented their work there – says Janusz Jurek. Check out the artitst’s work     Read more […]

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How ancient Athens used to look like.

In a 2 minutes and 43 seconds video  you can see how Parthenon was how was ancient Athens, around the Acropolis. The impressive video was created by the team of the company and three-dimensional computer graphics Whiskytree.com. The video was presented a few days ago at the 40th Conference of New Technologies Siggraph 2013. The result is at least moving, especially for Greek guys like us. Please follow and like us:256

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The Fantastic Fabergé Fractals Of Tom Beddard

Parametric modeling is becoming ever more popular in the architecture world, both for the ways in which it can lead academic discourse and for its ability to generate façade and surface articulation. Of course, at an architectural scale, there are some limits in detail through parametric modeling, with the built component often lacking the fineness of a 3D model, whether because the tools used have certain tolerances or because time requirements are outlandish. For this reason, many parametric Read more […]

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Incredibly Realistic 3D Illustrations of Wooden Objects

Wooden is a series by Germany-based graphic designer Antoni Tudisco. Just 21 years old, Tudisco is a talented young artist who says, “I [have been] a fan of extraordinary things ever since I was a child.” Since receiving his diploma at age 18, Tudisco has been sought after by brand name companies including Reebok Woman, Coca-Cola, and MTV Philippines. In this digital art project, Tudisco transforms all kinds of things, from cheeseburgers to sneakers, into wooden illustrations. The shapes and Read more […]

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Adam Martinakis take on Cyprus

Cyprus is living once again a dramatic moment in its history. After enjoying decades of growth due to the expansion of its financial services sector, now due to a Eurogroup decision is facing a collapse. Posting from Adam Martinakis world in tears, we find this time really appropriate to introduce to you Adam’s project. Born in Poland, grew up in Athens Greece and finally moving to England, Adam (has been featured again on Design Stories) creates 3d enviroments that resemble sculptures Read more […]

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