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House of music by coop himmelb(l)au opens in aalborg

House of music by coop himmelb(l)au opens in aalborg   after four years of construction, the ‘house of music’ has opened its doors to the public in aalborg, denmark.developed by Viennese architectural studio coop himmelb(l)au, the cultural center is both a school and a concert venue, designed to promote the exchange of ideas and information among students, teachers and artists. the focal point of the design is an expansive auditorium able to accommodate 1,300 guests. U-shaped rehearsal Read more [...]

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The Naked House by Marc Gerritsen

The Naked House by Marc Gerritsen The main thing about this location is the expanse of the surroundings and the quietness. Life in Taipei is very hectic, and I needed a place to escape. I really wanted a quiet area and a fantastic view. Having an open plan living room, with doors that can totally slide away, which looks out at the pool and the ocean – that’s something I’d been thinking about for a long time. With this plot, I was able to put the pieces of the Read more [...]

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LAN architecture to renovate Grand Palais complex in Paris

LAN architecture to renovate grand palais complex in paris French practice LAN architecture has been chosen to restore and restructure the grand palais in paris. the building, a true symbol for the city and its citizens, will undergo a €130 million transformation, strengthening the palace’s historical identity while providing a venue capable of hosting a diverse and eclectic range of events and audiences. The reconfiguration of the structure involves the implementation of a new Read more [...]

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Collingwood chalet provides escape from city living

Collingwood by canadian practice CS&P architects chalet provides escape from city living Designed by two Toronto-based architects from canadian practice CS&P architects, this chalet in collingwood functions as a weekend retreat for the designers’ respective families. the dwelling’s location allows its inhabitants to take advantage of the area’s range of seasonal activities, which include skiing, golfing, and hiking. The concept behind the home was to create an open Read more [...]

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House 6 by Cheng Design

Cheng Design designed in Menlo Park, California, this modern concrete residence was recently. House 6, is Cheng Design sixth custom home project, was redesigned and constructed from top-to-bottom. The project represents a major career milestone thanks to the unique and innovative use of concrete, as this residence is one of Cheng Design’s first-ever ‘hybrid’ structures, constructed as a combination of wood and concrete. Visit Cheng Design Read more [...]

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