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Villa CP by Zest Architecture

Villa CP by Zest Architecture Villa CP is a former farmhouse located in Girona, Spain that was renovated in 2013 by Zest Architecture. The home retains the rustic elements of its rough stone walls and thick ceiling beams, while adding modern comforts like a minimalist kitchen and contemporary light fixtures that create something new and unique. “The Barcelonese Architecture firm ZEST Architecture, founded by the Dutch architect Co Govers, will take part in the Biennale of Venice, which Read more [...]

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Perivolas Hotel by Costis Psychas

Located on the Greek island of Santorini, this beautiful luxurious hotel featuring amazing Aegean views was designed in 2012 by Costis Psychas. Description by Costis Psychas: Perivolas is the ultimate in laidback luxury. Poised on the cliff high above the Aegean, this intimate escape is designed as a place where you can let the rest of the world slip away. It’s just a short walk from Oia, the most beautiful village on Greece’s most romantic and dramatic island, Santorini. Built amphitheatrically, Read more [...]

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W design architecture studio blends house with nature

W design architecture studio blends house with nature located within the serene environment of the eye of africa estate, W design architecture studio has completed a project that they call ‘the light house.’ following the success of previous projects within a similar context, the designers were approached with a request to do what they consistently do – create spaces that enhance the experience of living in africa amongst its nature. thus, the clients are constantly connected and exposed Read more [...]

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House of the infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza

House of the infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza   Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has constructed a radical residential property positioned at the edge of the atlantic ocean. Referencing the endless sea that stretches out in front of the dwelling, the project is called ‘house of the infinite’ – a design comprised of a podium crowned with an upper horizontal plane. oriented to face the horizon, the home is envisioned as a jetty built from roman travertine stone that elegantly Read more [...]

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Cluny House by Guz Architects

Cluny House by Guz Architects Description by Guz Architects On a relatively small site at the end of a cul-de-sac, Wilkinson designed a tropical courtyard house with an identical parti to the Sun House: two pavilions on an L-shaped plan are placed at the perimeter, looking over a water garden comprising a large fishpond with an archipelago of tree-filled islands, which appears to merge with a lap pool encased in a sheer glass rim. These two houses are described by Wilkinson as his ‘most Read more [...]

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