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Max Zorn interview on Design Boom

Max Zorn interview on Design Boom   DB: please can you tell us a bit about your background and what you do for a living? MZ: I make art with packing tape, the same kind you might use on boxes when you’re sending a package in the mail or moving home. it may sound weird to start my resume with a sentence like that, but that’s what I do for a living. yet, it was a coincidence that I ended up as an artist at all. it all started with the idea to use street lamps as an urban gallery for street Read more […]

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BBC: Swiss museum to accept Gurlitt Nazi art

Swiss museum to accept Gurlitt ‘Nazi art’ Switzerland’s Bern Art Museum has agreed to accept hundreds of artworks bequeathed by German Nazi art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt. Mr Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler’s art dealer, had a large stash of works by artists including Picasso and Monet. A Bern museum spokesman said pieces looted by the Nazis in World War Two would not be permitted in the museum. Around 500 works are expected to remain in Germany until their rightful owners can be identified. Read more […]

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Vaginal Rapture by Hoda Zarbaf

Vaginal Rapture by Hoda Zarbaf Hoda Zarbaf is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, who has ventured through a variety of materials, techniques and literature to make narrations of intimacy and the complex boon of being a woman. Hoda was born in Tehran and received a BFA in Painting from the University of Tehran. In 2008 she relocated to Canada and completed an MFA at the University of Windsor. These days, Hoda is using recycled textiles, pre-owned clothing, old toys and found objects to Read more […]

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The extraordinary art of autistic ‘five-year-old Monet’

The extraordinary art of autistic ‘five-year-old Monet’ At first glance, they could almost pass for masterpieces by Monet or Renoir. But these impressionist-style paintings — which are changing hands for thousands of dollars — were painted by a five-year-old girl who is unable to speak. Meet Iris Halmshaw, an autistic child from Leicestershire, UK, who has been producing these striking artworks since she was three. She has autism, a condition that has made her unable to communicate Read more […]

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Replicating nature using embroidery art

Replicating nature using embroidery art Embroidery art often seeks to mimic nature, but Australian visual artist Meredith Woolnough has a special technique we’ve never seen before. By using water-soluble fabric, her beautiful embroidery, which is inspired by nature’s most graceful forms, gains a new dimension of lightness and delicacy. First, she traces a natural form onto her water-soluble fabric. Then, once she has embroidered her art onto the fabric and dissolved it, she mounts the Read more […]

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