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Fragile Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

Working with the rigid edges of large dried magnolia leaves artist Susanna Bauer (previously) adds tiny crocheted embellishments of cotton yarn to create fascinating sculptures that marry the natural and artificial world. The fragility of the medium alone—dry leaves—is enough to cause a double take when first encountering these tiny interventions, and a closer look reveals near perfection in Bauer’s stitching, a near Herculean effort in patience. Many of her pieces are almost shockingly Read more […]

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Charis Tsevis embodies African culture through magnificent mosaic murals

Story via artnouveau African Bricks for Sasi’s is a series of digital artworks that encompass a dazzling combination of materials, themes, colours, formations and techniques — all of which are inspired by Africa. These vibrant murals are the work of visual designer Charis Tsevis, created to decorate the walls of his wife’s family’s African restaurant Sasi’s, in his hometown of Athens, Greece. Tsevis was asked to produce artworks inspired by everyday life, but also to pay tribute Read more […]

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The artworks of Kalos&Klio

The artworks of Kalos&Klio emerge from a delirium of digital virtual appropriation, an addictive compulsive procedure of a systematic order of actions. They call this process ‘Digital Tank Appropriation’. They embark in a time-machine journey and surf the search engines of the Net between the trivial and the precious, the obscene and the remarkable, the essential and the random, retrieving, collecting and manipulating large parts of diverse virtual elements that float and sink in the Read more […]

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Stop Motion Woolen Puppets Wrestle the Stuffing Out of Each Other

Fight! from Marc James Roels on Vimeo. I love everything about these portly characters beating the stuffing out of each other in this animated short from Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels. Titled Fight!, the stop motion project was selected as the trailer for the National Animation Festival 2013 in Bruz, France. If you liked this also check out a preview for another short, Oh Willy. (via It’s Nice That) Read more […]

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Expansive New Geometric Drawings Trampled in Snow and Sand by Simon Beck

Driven by super-human forces and undaunted by the powers of nature, artist Simon Beck trudges across sand or through knee-high snow to create massive geometric drawings left behind in his footprints. From sandy expanses on the shore of New Zealand to frigid outlooks in the Swiss Alps, any pristine surface that stretches for hundreds of meters can work as a suitable canvas for Beck’s designs. Each site-specific piece is planned well in advance on a computer and carefully mapped out on-site Read more […]

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