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Ryousuke Ohtake Carves Incredibly Realistic Lobster from Boxwood

Artist Ryousuke Ohtake Carves Incredibly Realistic Lobster from Boxwood Ryousuke Ohtake, a young 25-year old sculptor, caused quite a stir recently when he boldly took on the challenge and created an immaculate and animated lobster from wood. What stunned many was that not only was the piece carved from wood (which is considered far more difficult than using copper) but the fact that this was Ohtake’s first official jizai okimono. The lobster was part of a wooden sculpture exhibition at Read more […]

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Mr. Finch transforms vintage textiles Into Flora and Fauna

Mr. Finch transforms vintage textiles Into Flora and Fauna My name is Finch – it’s actually my surname… everyone calls me it and I like it. I’ve called my business Mister Finch so its clear from the start that I’m a man and one that sews. We are a bit thin on the ground but we are out there! I live in Leeds in Yorkshire, not too far from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. I actually have no formal training in anything I make and apart from a short art course I did many Read more […]

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Temari Balls Made by 92-Year-Old Grandmother

Temari Balls Made by 92-Year-Old Grandmother Although the roots of this folk art go to China, it became more popular in Japan. The granddaughter paid attention to the work of her 92-year-old grandmother, and took photos of her works made in the last several years. The woman acquainted with temari about thirty years ago. Since then, she managed to create about five hundred balls with unique design. Temari is a kind of ball embroidery. Initially, the balls were intended as toys Read more […]

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Evelyn Bracklow paints ants on vintage porcelain set

German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie  created these one-of-a-kind vintage porcelain dishes covered in hordes of hand-painted ants. Bracklow says of the pieces: The idea for this work resulted from pure chance, when the sight of a carelessly placed plate—by then wandered by ants—fascinated me so much that I felt the urge to simply conserve this image. Fear, disgust, fascination and admiration: this very interplay of feelings constitutes the charm of the work. Furthermore, to Read more […]

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Urushi Craftsman: A Video by Hirokazu Kishida

An inside look into the making of Japanese lacquerware urushi, which are often made from wood and hand-painted with an intricate decoration. The main technique for decorating lacquerware involves sprinkling finely ground gold powder over a design drawn in lacquer while it is still wet. This is called makie, which literally means “sprinkling gold.” To finish a piece, a core maker and lacquer artist usually collaborate.   Read more […]

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