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Colorful Art Created from Everyday Objects by Jane Perkins

Colorful Art Created from Everyday Objects by Jane Perkins In her “Plastic Classics” series, British artist Jane Perkins uses almost anything she can find – buttons, plastic toys, LEGO pieces, etc. – to re-create recognizable iconic paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and portraits of stars like Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela.   Read more […]

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IGEPA’s recycled world by Coming Soon

IGEPA’s recycled world Coming soon, a creative office from Belgium, created this  series of insects  for IGEPA Benelux out of used and recycled paper. Enjoy! Creative director: Jim Van Raemdonck Graphic Designers: Phoebe De Corte, Dries Caeckebeke Interns: Claar De Waele, Sil De Boeck Making off: Ludovica Saccenti like us: www.facebook.com/catchmesoon follow us: www.coming-soon.be Read more […]

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Zaha Hadid among chandelier creators for David Gill

Zaha Hadid + Barnaby Barford among chandelier creators for David Gill David Gill galleries in London presents a curated collection of chandeliers by seven great creators: zaha hadid,fredrikson stallard, mattia bonetti, barnaby barford, fernando and humberto campana, gaetano pesce and jacopo foggini. the show comprising both new work using swarovski crystal and innovative mediums illustrates ‘different materials and forms, not just to challenge the traditional chandelier but also the Read more […]

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Couple Creates Beautiful Rock Wall Art Installations

Couple Creates Beautiful Rock Wall Art Installations Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl, a married artist duo based in Vancouver, create beautiful flowing rock wall art installations, pebbles, and other decorative elements. “I am passionate to give stone an articulated form. This involves finding the right stones – listening,” explains Kunert, who takes commissions through a website called Ancient Art Of Stone that he runs together with Zettl. For those not planning major interior Read more […]

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“Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”Maya Angelou

‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud ” Maya Angelou dies  May 28th 2014 Fear is the enemy of creativity, the cradle of mediocrity, an obstacle to enjoy life. Very few people confront the darkness of fear with dignity and grace .  Maya Angelou, who had overcome serious facts — childhood rape, poverty, addiction, bereavement —  became one of today’s most praised writers .The 1993 gem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me , conceived and edited by Sara Jane Boyers, pairs Angelou’s Read more […]

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