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Creepy Tooth Soled Shoes by Fantich & Young

Creepy Tooth Soled Shoes by Fantich & Young Designers Dominica Young and Mariana Fantich from Fantich & Young design studio added to their line of footwear a unique model of shoes the sole of which is covered with dental implants. Read more [...]

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Bizarre Bird-Inspired Stilettos by Masaya Kushino

Bizarre Bird-Inspired Stilettos by Masaya Kushino Japanese designer of shoes and bags Masaya Kushino is the owner of his own brand that is promoted not only in his native country but also in Europe and North America. The new series of Masaya Kushino is called Jakuchu and symbolizes the transformation of a nestling in a beautiful bird with a luxurious feather assembly. The series is called that way after the Japanese painter of the eighteenth century, whose name was Jakuchu Ito.   Read more [...]

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Satsuki Ohata molds fondue slippers to perfectly fit your feet

Satsuki Ohata molds fondue slippers to perfectly fit your feet Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata has formed the ‘fondue slipper’, a pair of shoes which perfectly match the shape of the wearer’s foot by casting a quick-drying liquid mold of their feet. the process is similar to that of a familiar, participatory meal: cheese fondue — a snack which has been a source of aesthetic influence for ohata. by dipping your foot in liquid PVC, an instant cast is made — then, as the material hardens Read more [...]

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Zaha Hadid designs swimwear for Vera Viviona Wang

Summer 2014, Zaha Hadid designs swimwear. The  award winning architect co-designs swimwear and it most immediately becomes all about structure. Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi-British architect has partnered with Viviona,  the famous manufacturing label to co-design swimwear collection, refining the way fashion incorporates architectural reference. “Whatever the medium, Zaha imparts lyricism and sensuality.” Donna Karan “ Zaha Hadid  swimwear 2014 Lately  Zaha Hadid Architecture Firm starts Read more [...]

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DAVID BOWIE IS  IN BERLIN The international exhibition David Bowie is , comes to the banks of the Spree River. On 20 May 2014 the exhibition curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, opens its doors to the public at the Martin- Gropius- Bau , Berlin The Berlin stop is one of the highlights of the international exhibition tour due to the intimate relationship between Bowie and the German capital. The exhibition sends the visitors on a time journey through Read more [...]

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