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Food Maps: Photos by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves

Food Maps: Photos by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves Food Maps  identified with a particular country such as cheese for France, tomatoes for Italy, noodles for China, spices for India, etc. The series was inspired by their passion for travel. In this series we have taken many of the iconic foods of countries and continents and turned them into physical maps. While we know that tomatoes originally came from the Andes in South America, Italy has become the tomato king. These maps show Read more […]

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What 200 calories looks like for different foods

what 200 calories looks like for different foods Calories are a significant source of our daily nutrition and — as every food varies in its caloric value — it can be difficult to visualize the difference. wisegeek conducted a study of 71 edibles, each proportioned to a 200 calorie quantity, and photographed the results. The investigation reveals a vast range of outcomes that can be quite surprising and thought provoking about the foods we consume and how they might affect our bodies. Read more […]

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Cute Creative Lunches For Kids Make Stay-At-Home Mommy A Star

Samantha Lee, a stay-at-home mom with no culinary class experience, rocketed to internet fame with a blog highlighting the delightfully creative bento lunches she creates for her young daughters. She creates pop culture and storybook icons for her daughters to eat and, as she continues making them, she keeps getting better at it. And more famous. Check out her Instagram and her blog, Eatzy Bitzy. This food looks so cute, we’d almost hesitate to eat it. Almost. Via Read more […]

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Artist Hong Yi Plays with her Food for 30 Days

For almost every day last month Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi (who often goes by the nickname Red) created a fun illustration made with common (and occasionally not so common) food. Her parameters were simple: the image had to be comprised entirely of food and the only backdrop could be a white plate. With that in mind Yi set out to create landscapes, animals, homages to pop culture, and even a multi-frame telling of the three little pigs. The project, which still appears to be ongoing, Read more […]

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Rubik’s Cube Cake

Food blogger, Vicky McDonald of Stasty, created this deliciously geeky Rubik’s Cube cake for all you to enjoy. If you want to know how to make it, click here.   Read more […]

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