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Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years

Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years Shrek was a Merino sheep, a castrated male, belonging to South Island, New Zealand, who gained international fame in 2004 owing to his gigantic coat of fleece. Shrek became famous after escaping his enclosure and evading the shearers for six years by hiding in caves. Merino sheep are usually shorn annually but Shrek managed to escape the blade for six years straight. When he was finally caught, the sheep was unrecognizable. “He looked like some Read more [...]

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China’s Watermelon Kids

China’s Watermelon Kids It’s summer! It’s hot, especially in China, which is seeing record heat waves. To cool off, some people eat chilled watermelon. A few kids are even wearing it. According to Xinhua, China’s largest news agency, the trend started this past July in Wenzhou when photos of a small kid dressed in a watermelon suit (above) appeared online. The pics spread through China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo and even ended up on the TV news There have also been variations Read more [...]

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Food in disguise

Food in disguise In this fun series of painted objects titled “It’s not what it seems” by artist Hikaru Cho, common foods are transformed with deftly applied acrylic paints to look like other foods. A banana is turned into a near photo-realistic cucumber, a tomato becomes a tangerine, and even an egg is made into a glistening eggplant. These are actually some of Cho’s “tamer” artworks, as she’s used these same skills with a paintbrush to alter human faces and body parts by Read more [...]

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The Bizarre World of Chicken Beauty Pageants Photographed by Ernest Goh

The Bizarre World of Chicken Beauty Pageants Photographed by Ernest Goh Photographer and visual artist Ernest Goh is known for his work photographing wildlife and other animals. His latest book documents the strange world of chicken beauty pageants in Malaysia where he encountered a breed of bird called the Ayam Seramas, an ornate chicken raised not for its meat but purely for its appearance. These chickens not only have decorative plumage but possess the ability to strike ridiculous Read more [...]

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Will It Beard by Pierce Thiot

Will It Beard by Pierce Thiot A Tumblr blog featuring photos of the photographer Pierce Thiot with household objects stuck in his beard. Via Design you Trust   Read more [...]

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