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Meet Japanese Grumpy Cat, Who Is Even Grumpier Than The Original One

“From the dawn of time they came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives…” Meet Koyuki, the Scottish fold cat that is angrier than Grumpy Cat, and with whom Koyuki will no doubt battle one day for Internet supremacy. Cleverly named Koyuki, which means “light snow” in Japanese, this dangerous feline has been hiding out for nine years in Yokohama. Now, as the hour for battle draws near, the only thing you need to remember is, “There can be only one!” Read more […]

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Did Ancient Greeks really have laptops? (pics + vid)

The use of laptops in antiquity could explain a lot about the thriving Ancient Greek civilization Online conspiracy theorists have made the bizarre claim that an ancient Greek funerary relief depicts a modern-day laptop computer. Is this proof that time travelers from the twenty-first century visit the ancient Greeks and introduce them to the use of laptops?   Read more […]

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Amazing One-Eyed Cat Loves Swimming and Surfing in Hawaii

Kuli the surfing cat is literally making waves all across the Internet. Before he was even born, roommates Krista Littleton and Alexandra Gomez were hoping to adopt a feline friend just like him. “Almost a year ago, over waffles, Alex was explaining one of the many translations for the name Nanakuli,” Littleton told Adventure Cats. “Nanakuli means to look blind. Alex joked about getting a one-eyed orange cat and naming him just that.” Their wish came true when 3-month-old Nanakuli (Kuli Read more […]

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Funny Hour – Woman’s Hilarious Parody Portraits Recreate Popular Celebrity Instagram Photos

Comedian Celeste Barber set out to prove that while celebrity Instagram photos may be interesting to look at and admire, they aren’t always realistic. She created the #CelesteChallengeAccepted project that follows her as she attempts to recreate some of the most unique social media snapshots of famous actors, musicians, and TV personalities. “Some celebrities on Instagram seem to think we non-rich, non-privileged people are idiots and believe that what they are posting is real,” the comedian Read more […]

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The earresistable UHO mug

‘Uho’ translates from Russian to ‘ear’, the body part has been interpreted as the handle for the series of playful mugs used for your daily hot drink! Simple, and available in black or white, each piece is hand-made using the highest quality porcelain. Size: S: 70x55mm M: 90x85mm L: 110x85mm You can buy it here Read more […]

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