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Guy Replaces People’s Heads With Leo DiCaprio

Guy Replaces People’s Heads With Leo DiCaprio The MyDayWithLeo Tumblr follows the strange, fun adventures of social media artist Joel Strong as he meets people throughout New York and covers their faces with cut-outs of Leonardo DiCaprio and other stars from 90s teen magazines. After its origins with pictures of Leo in his teen years, the project has expanded to include other stars past and present. Strong has even taken to creating his celebrity headshots together with ladies that he takes Read more [...]

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Rowan Atkinson in classic paintings

These classic paintings have been given a Rowan Atkinson makeover – and the results are amazing Rodney Pike just couldn’t resist the opportunity to give the iconic portrait an unlikely makeover – by adding in Rowan Atkinson’s face instead. Pike, who hails from Louisiana, said the idea was borne out of his love of both classic art and the rubber-faced Mr Bean star, whom he encountered when living in the UK for three years in the Nineties – a perfect combination as far as he is concerned. ‘Rowan Read more [...]

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Princess Juliana scary runway

Princess Juliana scary runway Princess Juliana International Airport (IATA: SXM, ICAO: TNCM) (also known as Sint Maarten International Airport) serves the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin. The length of the runway—just 7,152 feet—is perfectly fine for small or medium-size jets, but as the second-busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean, it regularly welcomes so-called heavies—long-haul wide-body jetliners like Boeing 747’s and Airbus A340’s—from Europe, which fly in improbably Read more [...]

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Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years

Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing for 6 Years Shrek was a Merino sheep, a castrated male, belonging to South Island, New Zealand, who gained international fame in 2004 owing to his gigantic coat of fleece. Shrek became famous after escaping his enclosure and evading the shearers for six years by hiding in caves. Merino sheep are usually shorn annually but Shrek managed to escape the blade for six years straight. When he was finally caught, the sheep was unrecognizable. “He looked like some Read more [...]

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China’s Watermelon Kids

China’s Watermelon Kids It’s summer! It’s hot, especially in China, which is seeing record heat waves. To cool off, some people eat chilled watermelon. A few kids are even wearing it. According to Xinhua, China’s largest news agency, the trend started this past July in Wenzhou when photos of a small kid dressed in a watermelon suit (above) appeared online. The pics spread through China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo and even ended up on the TV news There have also been variations Read more [...]

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