March 19, 2016 2

Japan doesn’t have central heating

As winter falls in Japan, people in almost every house get out their kotatsu – a hybrid of a table, blanket and a heater. This is because, somewhat surprisingly, in Japan there’s no such thing as central heating. Even though winter is never particularly cold there, they manage to avoid catching colds and other illnesses during winter time thanks to this unique invention. The kotatsu is a traditional Japanese piece of furniture: […]

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January 8, 2016 4

Scorpios Mykonos by Annabell Kutucu

Scorpios Mykonos is the celebration of traditional craftsmanship, organic materials and a bohemian style interior design, presenting a tactile laid-back luxury atmosphere. Central to the 6,000 sqm beach property is the gently weather-worn stone house with classic white washed stone accents. Simultaneously evoking 1960’s Greek glamour and  contemporary modernism, the structure consists of a 274 sqm indoor floor with a lower level, […]

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July 22, 2014 8

Penthouse with Panoramic Views in Brooklyn

Penthouse with Panoramic Views in Brooklyn Located on the top floor of the former Gretsch Musical Instruments building, this 3,198 square foot three bedroom three bath loft-like penthouse with panoramic views describes itself as “the best apartment in Williamsburg”, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA! “A once in a lifetime opportunity […]

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July 1, 2014 Musk and Moss

Jakob Gomez revives classic barbershop aesthetic in Musk and Moss

Jakob Gomez revives classic barbershop aesthetic in Musk and Moss ‘Musk and Moss’ is a concept by jakob gomez that focuses on image assessment, style, and personal care, giving an exclusive service for men. located in San Pedro garza garcía, México, the design finds its basis on a primitive cave. The interior atmosphere revives classic men barbershops where connections between clients, […]

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