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Beautiful landscape photography

We found browsing the web,  a series of landscape pictures for you to enjoy! Have a look Do you have any idea where these places are?   Read more [...]

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The most breathtaking pictures of winter time!

Cold but many times stunningly beautiful for those who can stay indoors or have fun out in the winter wonderland, winter is a season that can give a photographer the chance for some really amazing shots. We gathered a few winter pictures that we hope you will enjoy! Read more [...]

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Weather in Wyoming

Beautiful time-lapse of the landscape of Wyoming but what makes this video stand out is the spectacular weather phenomenon he captured, which starts at around the 4 minute mark. Nikolaus Wegner, the creator of this time lapse explains his motives below: This project was created for two reasons. My love for Wyoming and all of the beautiful landscapes and wild weather it has to offer. And my interest in sharing that view with those around me. Watching the stars at night high in the mountain wilderness, Read more [...]

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Photographer Captures the Vast Beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge

Photographer Ali Ertürk has been capturing the striking beauty of a variety of landmarks since 2006. Based in San Francisco, the talented artist has specifically focused much of his attention on the Golden Gate Bridge, the massive, bright red suspension bridge in California that spans almost two miles long. Ertürk documents the popular landmark with a fresh and unique perspective, showing it stretching across the Golden Gate strait and peaking through the clouds high above. Viewers Read more [...]

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Mount Bromo: Photos by Helminadia Jabur

Photos of Mount Bromo on the Indonesian island of East Java. The volcano is noted for its spectacular sunrises and majestic views all the way to Semeru volcano which is located further behind it. Ever since I saw some images of the volcano, I just could not help myself to visit the area and capture it.   Read more [...]

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