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M.Khedr art work

The Classical School is the mother of them all because of its role in providing rules and principles that must be known before they can be broken or ignored to satisfy personal aesthetic values.  Nevertheless, I closely follows all schools, both classical and contemporary.  They all contain philosophy and beauty that cannot be disregarded. They also aid in reaching greater self-understanding, which collects together all experiences and personal aesthetics, in order to produce a form Read more […]

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Diogenis Papadopoulos paintings

Diogenis Papadopoulos. I’m  a civil engineer. My interest in comic books was the first contact with art and triggered me to discover other painting movements such as pop art, surrealism, expressionism. My source of inspiration is the human body, and especially woman’s body, such as every time I realize is infinite. My inspirations, also, come from moments and I try to reproduce the moment, the expression, that impressed me, but what matters is always the color. I experiment with different Read more […]

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Architectural Watercolors of a Dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski

Architect and watercolorist Tytus Brzozowski imagines a dreamlike world where giant structures rest on towering stilts and trains seem to emerge from tunnels in the side of residential buildings. Unusual motifs like dice and teapots dot the landscape (or float through the air), and yet everything seems in its place, a credibility attributed to elements lifted directly from the architecture seen on the streets of Warsaw, Poland. Brzozowski refers to his watercolor paintings as “the city of his Read more […]

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David Bowie Paintings

Story Via David Bowie Paintings: Just like many others around the globe, I was saddened by the departure of a great artist of our age – David Bowie. I have to admit, though, my sadness is somehow selfish. I knew that it wouldn’t be long until my turn facing the end of this life, just like my favourite artist who sang me these songs that I grew up listening to. However, there are some artists behind the mask of sadness, are simply prompted to promote their freshly-made paintings Read more […]

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Paintings by Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas is a hyper-realistic portrait painter who lives and works out of Cologne, Germany. Read more […]

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