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Conrad Jon Godly’s Mountain Paintings Drip from the Canvas

Conrad Jon Godly’s Mountain Paintings Drip from the Canvas Godly studied as a painter at the Basel School of Art from 1982 until 1986, but then worked as a professional photographer for 18 years. He only returned to painting in 2007 and it would seem his photographic work has had a subtle influence on his abstract painting. The artist most recently had exhibitions at Gallery Luciano Fasciati and Tony Wuethrich Gallery in Switzerland, and you can see many more paintings on his website. Read more [...]

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Long Way Home: Paintings by Michael Gregory

Long Way Home: Paintings by Michael Gregory New paintings of barns, silos, and rural fields against a backdrop of mountains and trees which are the product of the artist’s imagination. His landscapes are “constructs” of different buildings and places assembled and recreated by Gregory in his studio. In contrast to the tradition of “plein air” painters, Gregory does not aim to paint was he sees. Symbolic of a psychological state––an “inscape”––rather than a direct Read more [...]

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From the Street: Paintings by Tom Pfannerstill

From the Street: Paintings by Tom Pfannerstill Realistic depictions of discarded trash carefully carved on wood and painted using the trompe l’oeil technique. In the most obvious sense these pieces speak to issues of commercialism and consumerism. The objects reflect state-of-the-art-graphics; one can almost sense the well-planned and psychologically tested schemes to sell the products. They are a testament to the effectiveness of that marketing, after all, someone made the decision Read more [...]

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Martial Raysse, a retrospective at Centre Pompidou, Paris

14 May -22 Septambre 2014 Martial Raysse the French contemporary artist at 78 remains almost unknown in the grand public., And yet The fine artist, Martial Raysse, is this season’s guest. The visitor  at Centre Pompidou will be able to discover the full extent of his work. From the 1990s to the present day, from iconic pop works in which the popular feminine archetype is seen to be desecrated to the most recent works in which the artist tries to bring up to date the great themes of Read more [...]

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Hayv Kahraman artist and painter

  Hayv Kahraman artist and painter , comes from Irak The artwork of  Iraki painter Hayv Kahraman   Hayv Kahraman  artist and painter. was born in Irak and is currently living in US Her works reflects the controversial issues of gender, honor killings and war, all issues that plague her home country of Iraq. Hayv now currently lives and works in Phoenix, AZ, United States Hayv Kahraman  artist and painter was born in Baghdad, Iraq 1981.  She moved Read more [...]

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