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Gerasimos Galiatsatos painter

Gerasimos Galiatsatos painter The artist’s statement: Everything is fluid, changing, evolving, wear. With the occasion of the fluidity of things and situations, using the fluid color to create forms and lines that will give shape to the finished work. Nerve, fast, violent color liquid lines, suggesting a hasty violent modern lifestyle, violent over time. The square shape of the canvas, suggesting the square cold logic, sometimes the man recalls, when he wants to justify various Read more […]

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David Hockney on the Guardian

‘When I’m working, I feel like Picasso, I feel I’m 30’ By Tim Lewis David Hockney last year left Yorkshire and returned to his home in the Hollywood Hills after a series of traumatic events in his personal life. Here the 77-year-old reveals how California has rejuvenated him, before answering questions from Observer readers and cultural figures David Hockney wants to tell you a joke. A man goes to a doctor and informs him that he wants to live the longest life possible – what Read more […]

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Maria Ignatiou

Maria Ignatiou in 1988 left Cyprus for her studies. She studied Fine Art in the USA winning all the annual academic scholarships, (Academic Scholarships 1988-1992) at Barton University, Wilson, NC, all the annual foreign student scholarships (Foreign Student Scholarships 1988-1992) and also winning the annual Caldwell Scholarships (1989-1992). In 1991 she was also awarded the Bessie Massengil Art Scholarship for Best Student in the field of Fine Art at her university. (The Bessie Massengil Read more […]

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Marilyn Monroe by Kim Byungkwan

“Strangeness within habitual vision off from the track.” This style of painting you would recognize always. It’s different, messy, emotional, dark and bold. Kim Byungkwan, was born and lives now in Seoul, Korea. After graduating Hnasung University he forgot about his passion for a while. Finally, Kim started painting again and become the finalist of planned exhibition on a gallery in Seoul. “That was the first solo exhibition of my life in 2011.” – told to me Kim. With several Read more […]

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New work from Felix Hemme

New work from Felix Hemme Felix Hemme was born in France in 1976. He started his research on acrylic in 2000 while still working as a designer. In 2010 he decided to dedicate his life to painting and followed the teachings of the painter Jean Jacques Houée in Réunion Island, followed by a period of research with oil. In 2012, Félix moved to Corsica, before returning to Brittany in France. But Réunion Island remains in his soul and it is still strongly influencing his work. Mostly a figurative Read more […]

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