July 16, 2016 maud-vantours-3D-paper-art-designboom-01

maud vantours’ psychedelic paper landscapes form kaleidoscopic canvasses

Story via Design Boom maud vantours uses only paper as a medium in the making of kaleidoscopic compositions and layered landscapes. the paris-based artist’s early study of textile design and materials led her to a creative practice that sees ordinary sheets turn into psychedelic chromatic canvasses. vantours meticulously sculpts hundreds of paper sheets layer by […]

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June 12, 2016 1

Spiraling Rainbow Vortexes Created From Layered Paper by Jen Stark

Jen Stark‘s work appears like psychedelic wormholes, pulsating and multi-colored portals that might throw you into another dimension entirely. Working outward from an equally prismatic core, the pieces radiate entire spectrums of color from layered paper, PVC, or foam board. These contrasting colors and repetition give the works a feeling of movement and cyclical regeneration […]

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February 8, 2016 paper-cutting-art-suzy-taylor-19

Suzy Taylor cuts Insanely Intricate Paper Art From Single Sheets Of Paper

Suzy Taylor, an extraordinarily talented paper-cut artist in Hertfordshire, England, creates mind-bogglingly detailed works of paper art that are cut entirely by hand. She cuts each of her original designs out of a single piece of paper. Her artwork revolves primarily around highly detailed renditions of folk art and natural or floral themes. She’s certainly […]

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February 2, 2016 baroque-paper-wigs-mongolian-costumes-asya-kozina-designboom-04

Asya Kozina crafts intricate baroque wigs from paper

Russian artist Asya Kozina channels the motifs, costumes and aesthetic characteristics of various historical time periods and recreates them using the medium of paper. Kozina’s recent series of ‘baroque paper wigs’ re appropriates the wild hairstyles of victorian-era women and men using individually crafted sheets, carefully curled and cut into perfectly permed locks. sculpted arrangements like flowers, […]

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January 12, 2016 1

Li Hongbo hand carves school children from textbooks at Klein Sun gallery

From now until February 13, 2016, new york’s klein sun gallery presents ‘textbooks’, a solo exhibition of mixed media installations and sculptures by li hongbo. best known for his kinetic paper works previously featured by designboom here, the beijing-based artist now presents four new series that express educational systems as economic and social currencies across various cultures. throughout the gallery, […]

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February 18, 2015 4

Greek artist Hacks Euro banknotes depicting economic and social instability

Greek artist Stefanos, modifies euros by drawing human figures in his project euro banknotes bombing the greek artist stefanos, modifies euros by drawing human figures onto them in ink transforming the soulless environments into scenes emblematic of the economic and social instability in greece.    for the last year euro banknotes have been drawn on, scanned for […]

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November 11, 2014 6

Morgana Wallace

Morgana Wallace Artist and illustrator Morgana Wallace creates mixed media compositions that reference various aspects of mythology and realms of fantasy. The artworks are made from layers of cut paper with additional details added in watercolor and gauche. You can see much more on her website and over at Madrona Gallery. (via So Super Awesome, […]

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