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Suzy Taylor cuts Insanely Intricate Paper Art From Single Sheets Of Paper

Suzy Taylor, an extraordinarily talented paper-cut artist in Hertfordshire, England, creates mind-bogglingly detailed works of paper art that are cut entirely by hand. She cuts each of her original designs out of a single piece of paper. Her artwork revolves primarily around highly detailed renditions of folk art and natural or floral themes. She’s certainly passionate about her work; “I love working this way, it’s totally absorbing and I can get lost in it for hours.” She has Read more […]

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Asya Kozina crafts intricate baroque wigs from paper

Russian artist Asya Kozina channels the motifs, costumes and aesthetic characteristics of various historical time periods and recreates them using the medium of paper. Kozina’s recent series of ‘baroque paper wigs’ re appropriates the wild hairstyles of victorian-era women and men using individually crafted sheets, carefully curled and cut into perfectly permed locks. sculpted arrangements like flowers, leaves and an exceptionally intricate sailboat are delicately placed in the mass of Read more […]

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Li Hongbo hand carves school children from textbooks at Klein Sun gallery

From now until February 13, 2016, new york’s klein sun gallery presents ‘textbooks’, a solo exhibition of mixed media installations and sculptures by li hongbo. best known for his kinetic paper works previously featured by designboom here, the beijing-based artist now presents four new series that express educational systems as economic and social currencies across various cultures. throughout the gallery, giant binder clips suspended from the ceiling, textbooks, and classroom materials Read more […]

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Cut Rice Paper Sculptures of Twisting Rollercoasters by Bovey Lee

Early last year, artist Bovey Lee made the move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, experiencing the overwhelming emotions and turmoil one faces when moving across the country. As a way to reconcile the differences between the two cities, Bovey began working on a new body of cut rice paper artworks that display the features and landscapes of her old a new lives as if twisted together on the spiraling tracks of rollercoasters. Cut by hand from Chinese xuan paper, the pieces depict collisions of Read more […]

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Greek artist Hacks Euro banknotes depicting economic and social instability

Greek artist Stefanos, modifies euros by drawing human figures in his project euro banknotes bombing the greek artist stefanos, modifies euros by drawing human figures onto them in ink transforming the soulless environments into scenes emblematic of the economic and social instability in greece.    for the last year euro banknotes have been drawn on, scanned for documentation then spent on a daily basis – the social medium then becomes part of a new territory. ‘observing Read more […]

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