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The Debatable Land by Alan Knox

The Debatable Land by Alan Knox In response to the recent vote for Scottish independence from the UK, photographer Alan Knox took to the border between the two countries to use the landscape as a stand-in metaphor for the political uncertainty that may or may not be on the horizon As Scotland seeks to question it’s relationship with the United Kingdom and Europe in 2014, my intention in photographing the core footpaths of the Borders was to represent them as roads which may be continually Read more [...]

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In the Face of John Malkovich

Photographer Recreates Famous Portraits With John Malkovich As His Model   Renowned photographer Sandro Miller has worked together with legendary Hollywood A-Lister John Malkovich many times, but when Miller wanted to celebrate the photography greats that had inspired and guided him, he had to do something special. So he, with Malkovich as his dashing unisex model, recreated some of those influential photographers’ most important portraits in a photo series called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Read more [...]

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Eskil Ronningsbakken, Everything in life is a matter of balance

Eskil Ronningsbakken, everything in life is a matter of balance Eskil Ronningsbakken has spent his entire life living on the edge creating art that makes a difference. The goal is not just to leave an imprint on mind. The goal is to move boundaries, inspire and show humans all over the world that anything is possible. Eskil performs live, at TV-programs, in movies and exceptionally by promotional actions. He is also giving lectures about his journey from a little village in Norway to Read more [...]

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Childhood Fears Displayed in Arthur Tress’ Photographs

Childhood Fears Displayed in Arthur Tress’ Photographs American photographer Arthur Tress connected bits of childhood fears from nightmares into a unique photo series called Dream Collector. All photos were taken in the 60s and 70s of the last century. The photographs are a result of discussions with children in playgrounds, parks, schools and streets. Children were asked to describe in maximum details their dreams, which then were turned into impressive photographs Read more [...]

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People Lying in 7 Days’ Worth of Their Garbage

People Lying in 7 Days’ Worth of Their Trash California based photographer Gregg Segal got interested in the garbage issue not only in his country but all around the world. To this issue he dedicated this original photo project. 7 Days of Garbage is a project that involves friends, neighbors and relatives of Gregg Segal. The author asked them to bring their seven days’ worth of garbage to his backyard and took photos of them lying among it. Read more [...]

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