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Auto Aerobics by Chris LaBrooy

After graduating from the RCA with an MA in design products, Chris Labrooy first began to use 3D as a simple tool to visualise ideas for furniture and products that he could not afford to produce. As 3D technology and hardware evolved, Chris LaBrooy saw an opportunity to explore CGI as a creative medium in itself with which he could subvert and twist familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. Chris LaBrooy is interested in the intersection between typography, architecture, Read more [...]

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Colorized Photos by Jordan Lloyd and Mads Madsen

Fantastic use of Photoshop to colorize old black and white photos and bringing them back to life. You can see more of their work by going to Photo Chopshop and Colorized History. Read more [...]

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Dogfighters: Digital Art by Ink

Hilarious combination of planes and dogs which somehow makes sense. Spurred by a collaboration of our love for dogs and planes, WWII era propeller planes were carefully paired with their canine counterparts in order to transform their familiar hard-edged, silhouettes into a more adorable craft; a beagle, a schnauzer and a golden retriever. Set in a simple studio environment, each pairing was carefully considered to allow plane details to sit comfortably with canine features. Via Read more [...]

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Foodscapes: Photos by Carl Warner

Amazing foodscapes that are photographed in layers from foreground to background then each element is put together in post production to achieve the final image. Although I’m very hands on with my work, I do use model makers and food stylists to help me create the sets. I tend to start with a drawing which I sketch out in order to get the composition worked out, this acts as a blue print for the team to work to. I tend to draw a very conventional landscape using classic compositional Read more [...]

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More impressive photo-manipulations from Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson (previously featured here) is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin, Germany. He works on both personal- and commissioned projects and sometimes creates street illusions. He is not interested in capturing moments, instead he captures ideas. See some more of his work   Read more [...]

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