December 16, 2013 © Marko Ercegovic

House on the coast of the Adriatic sea

House V2 by 3LHD is a house on the coast of the Adriatic sea.  In an attractive location close to the sea, which is determined by steep topography made up of retaining walls, terraces and staircases an existing unsuitable house was replaced by a new one. In keeping with a long tradition of Mediterranean transformation and cultivation of nature and overcoming of“doc” (the local term for a depression: a smaller arable land […]

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November 16, 2013 21

Pitsou Kedem set Ramat Hasharon house amid two courtyards

pitsou kedem architects have constructed an elegant private residence situated between two courtyards, flooding the home’s interior with natural light.  As a result ‘ramat hasharon house 13′, a brilliant white cubic volume, is able to form an intimate relationship with its surrounding environment. On approaching the house, an elongated bridge crosses a sunken front courtyard and […]

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