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Famous Portraits and Paintings Recreated with Found Objects

Famous Portraits and Paintings Recreated with Found Objects UK-based artist Jane Perkins produces incredible pieces that recreate classic works of art and portraits of iconic figures using thousands of multicolored found objects. Each of the artist’s creations is a compilation of numerous objects that range in color, size, and texture. She works with anything from buttons and beads to LEGO pieces, shells, plastic spoons, and clothespins. The key behind Perkins’ incredible work is her Read more […]

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Junk Portraits by Zac Freeman

Zac Freeman graduated cum laude from his fine art degree at Jacksonville University, Florida, in 1997. He has collected junk and found objects for use in his creations since 1999. He explains his work by saying, “My work focuses primarily on portraits created by assembling found objects, disposable goods, and the leftover trash of things we consume in our society. I glue the bits of junk to a wooden substrate, a canvas, which forms the image of a portrait. The result is a stunningly Read more […]

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Rugs made from bottles, sponges, candy and cups by We Make Carpets

Dutch trio Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg are the force behind we make carpets – an initiative exploring and pushing the boundaries of traditional floor coverings. through the language of craft and in combination with present-day techniques, the collective fabricate various interpretations of a centuries-old medium – using an array of materials to assemble patterns and motifs reflecting the 21st century. From a distance, the structure appears to be a decorative carpet, Read more […]

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