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Emil Alzamora’s Distorted Human Figures Appear to Melt, Morph, and Defy Gravity

Artist Emil Alzamora  explores the human body through his figurative sculptures that distort, inflate, elongate, and deconstruct physical forms in order to reveal emotional situations and narratives. Alzamora works with a variety of materials including bronze, gypsum, concrete, and other ceramic materials to create pieces with smooth, almost non-descript surfaces to instead draw attention to shape and scale. Born in Peru, he began sculpting in the fall of 1998 in New York at the Polich Tallix Read more […]

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New Distressed Wood Figures by Aron Demetz

Italian sculptor Aaron Demetz  will have several new figurative sculptures on view at Gazelli Art House in London starting March 28, 2013 as part of the show The Tainted with Korean sculptor Shan Hur. The new works continue to explore Demetz exploration of the human figure and show his incredible skill in carving wood. Via the gallery: For The Tainted, renowned Italian artist Aron Demetz will present a new body of sculptures, which are a continuation of his long-standing fascination with the Read more […]

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Lifelike Galvanized Wire Animal Sculptures by Kendra Haste

Working only with layers of painted galvanized wire atop steel armature, UK artist Kendra Haste creates faithful reproductions of creatures large and small for both public installations and private collections around the world. A graduate of the from the Royal College of Art, Haste says she is fascinated by how such a seemingly ordinary medium, chicken wire, is capable of suggesting “the sense of movement and life, of contour and volume, the contrasts of weight and lightness, of solidity and Read more […]

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Young-Deok Seo’s Welded Chain Sculptures Express Human Suffering And Detachment

Young-Deok Seo is a South Korean artist who creates what he calls “iron men”: nude sculptures made completely out of welded chain fragments. Demonstrating his deep fascination and concern for the human body, Seo builds standing figures, heads, busts, and torsos by carefully melting and linking chain fragments together piece by piece. The result is a series of elaborate assemblages, the links seeming to undulate like living cells. Each work entails a huge commitment of Seo’s time, patience, Read more […]

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Gavin Worth’s Beautiful Wire Sculptures

Switzerland-based artist Gavin Worth was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After graduating with a degree in Acting and working as an actor and a musician, he became a world known self-taught artist, working with a number of famous clients like Lexus, Tiffany & Co and Ralph Lauren. Worth’s stunning wire sculptures are definitely the best thing you’ll see today: the artist works with repurposed steel rods and wire and transforms them into two dimensional Read more […]

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