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Guinness World Record Syrian mural from scrap objects

Six Syrian artists have set the 2014 Guinness World Record   by building the world’s largest  mural made from recycled materials  in Damascus Guinness declared the work the world’s largest mural made of recycled materials. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP / Getty Images The brightly coloured, 720-sq metre work was constructed from aluminum cans, broken mirrors, bicycle wheels and other scrap objects and  its on a street outside a primary school in the centre of the Syrian capital. LOUAI BESHARA/AFP Read more [...]

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French street Artist Levalet

The French street artist  Levalet,  better known as Tourist traffic, moves in the balance between poetry and social protest “I needed some place to put my installations so, I turned video into drawings, and I went to the street,” he told The Huffington Post Charles Leval is a French street artist, whose art is starting to crop up in some of the most unexpected places in the city of Paris You may have seen the incredible street art Levalet, also known as Charles Leval, making the Read more [...]

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Bicycle Street Art by Mart

Bicycle Street Art by Mart Bicycle murals from Argentinian artist Mart, who began painting on the streets of Buenos Aires in the 1990s at the tender age of 12. His whimsical imagination is expressed through vibrant colors and stunning line work that flows freely from cans of spray paint. You can see much more of his work onFlickr, and read more about him over on Graffitimundo. Read more [...]

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Athens street art photographed(?) by George Papandreou

George Papandreou, the ex Greek prime minister recently published on his personal website a series of street art photos  from various locations in Athens. It is well known, that just as his father, Andreas Papandreou, he has a passion for photography. Given the fact though that many of these photos are have been taken at Exarheia, a leftist hang out in downtown Athens, we believe that this photographs have probably been selected by the webmaster of  his site. In any case, we enjoyed them and Read more [...]

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Dirty Car Art, by Scott Wade

It’s quite possible that artist Scott Wade started off by writing “Wash Me” on the back of cars with his finger as a child. Wade lives in a rural area where white dust builds and coats the rear car windows. Curiously, he started experimenting further with techniques to achieve these unique, detailed, and shaded dust drawings. Scott lives on a mile and a half of dirt road – caliche, as the locals call it, road-base: a blend of limestone and gravel clay. Driving over this surface results Read more [...]

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