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Design Stories in Paris: Theater Bouffe du Nord

When you are in Paris, apart from the good food and the sight seeing, for those who speak the language, theater is a must. But even for those of you that do not speak French, there is a legendary space in the north of Paris that you have to see, the Theater Bouffe du Nord, very close to North train station . This until recently was the home of Peter Brook an innovator, who shaped what we call modern theater and still hosts his productions. Discovered by Peter Brook, abandoned, half burned and Read more […]

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Students from University of San Diego’s Master’s of Fine Arts and Acting program literally diving into the Shakespeare characters they portray during their course of study. Expanding on our Fish Head series we set out to create another dynamic set of images playing with water’s natural surface tension. This time we wanted more action, more submersion and more intensity! The result is a dynamic series of images which speak to the transformation an actor undergoes when they “dive” into a role. Roles Read more […]

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TEMPEST: a theatre for the Aegean Archipelago

Imagine a theater that will sail to your island pick you up so you will watch the performance during the trip. This is the concept that Greek students were based to design a conceptual venue out of an old ship. Read how they describe their idea: We rely on the belief that the Aegean Sea is a dispersed city to which we offer a communication channel, a cultural bridge, a ship – theater. The sea becomes our site, the waves and the iron our environment. The superstructure, the decks and the holds Read more […]

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Greek National Theater Koutrouli’s Wedding: The Imaginative, Sets and Costumes of Marie Noelle Semet

Marie Noelle Semet, the French set and costume designer uses motives from the modernism of the beginning of the 20th century. With clear influances from the Dadaism and the abstract poetry of Ugo Baal as well as of Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia Marie Noelle is crreating a Fools celebration with colors falling down from the sky.   About the play: A tailor, Manolis Koutroulis, falls in love with Anthousa, the daughter of a middle-class family, but she only has Read more […]

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